Good luck to one and all

I’m heading for bed soon and I see the countdown timer for the Wahoolimabob Tour is now in the app and that this very different tour begins in less than 8 hours for some folks. I’ll be sleeping and they’ll be questioning the wisdom of Cash Register as a warm up to Revolver :smiling_imp:

So, before I lay me down to sleep I pray that GvA kicks all your wahoolimabobutts and you all succeed in whatever you make out of this challenge. Be it crushing each stage daily, adding additional challenges to make the challenge, erm, more of a challenge, raising money for DPF or just finding the motivation to get it done somehow.

For some of you, you might get a bit of a fitness bump post tour and be considering a Knighthood Quest. You will never regret that decision (except for maybe while you are in the midst of video 7 of 10)

Be sure to come back to the forums after each stage to share your thoughts, experiences, and successes. Read everyone else’s. Post pictures of your sweat soaked suffer faces (just no graphs PLEASE! PLEASE! no graphs, we ALL KNOW what the graphs look like and they’re boring AF).

Above all, let’s have fun, raise a few bucks for DPF if you can, and cheer each other on (mocking, jeering and $hit talking is also acceptable, this is cycling after all).

And remember, the wahoominati are ALWAYS watching #twaaw

Xoom Xoom!

Check out @DameLisa doing the whole of Stage 1 in a goat suit. Laser eyes activated.

More details here:


All. The. :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:.

Go Knights!