Got a Kickr Snap - Should I also use a speed sensor?

My Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence sensor bundle was just delivered today (yay!). Just in time, too, because I’m doing the Cadence Builds workout this week.

My Kickr Snap already estimates speed, though. Would the RPM Speed sensor be useful at all? More accurate? Do I even need to care about speed for indoor sessions? Or should I just keep it in the box to save battery until this Chicago winter is over and I can get outside on my road bike?



This. I keep my speed sensor on my road wheels for outdoors. like you noted - no point on the trainer.



Acutally, I would keep the sensor on the bike in case the one on the trainer fails or gets really strange. There are people reporting that their trainer is giving them speeds only obtainable with jet aircraft. Also, as @CPT_A pointed out it’s a real bother to have to put it on when you hit the road. I had two bikes, one on the trainer and one for the road. The trainer bike came off when I had to take the road bike in for maintenance.

Thanks for that perspective! I am completely ignoring speed for my indoor training and, well, since I’m very much a beginner cyclist and only just started “training”, I have never really focused on speed. I plan to keep my one road bike on the trainer for at least another 6-8 weeks (I’m in Chicago. Winters. Sad). I’d like to join group rides this year, so when I get out I’ll start tracking my speed, too!

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