Group rides in Covid times

Has anyone worked out a good way of ‘riding’ with mates remotely on SF?
Do you just Facetime or zoom on another screen?

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A group of us have been doing this for the last three years during the Tour of Sufferlandria, and can do it anytime (we sometimes co-stream on ‘other’ platforms too - it doesn’t matter which software app you’re capturing

I use a combination of:
OBS software to create the stream, capturing the SUF screen and a webcam of me (the rider) and some graphics overlay
Until recently then used Mixer to put that OBS stream live on the Net (that is about to change as Mixer has been sold - so might be Twitch in future)
Microphone (but a headset with a mic will be fine)
Speakers (or same headset)
And Discord software for voice interaction while riding.

Then we do a ‘sync’ countdown to start (over the voice link) and and all start at the same time.
One person then co-streams two or three others so they’re all on one page (up to four) and of we go

Been really good … just a bit of set up of your live stream in OBS needed basically

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Not necessarily a good way but I’ve seen it done with Zoom ( and Jitsi (similar but no time limits)

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I did it with facebook - the group video chat thing. Worked great :slight_smile: