Temporary Betray

After one year of training and making good progress, I am supposed to resubscribe in a couple of weeks. Now it is a good time to reconsider my goals and compare.

I am not in racing. Probably, I suffer on the trainer is to feel great on the roads and stay young. It’s not clear to me why I am doing it.

The SUF is OK to meet my goals but partly. Here are the few issues I have:

I would like to integrate running and strength training to outside ridings on weekends. Although there is some workaround to make such training plan but it is not 100% proved by the coach and lowering my motivation by doubts.

After one year, all the jokes about suffering start to annoy like all jokes that repeat. The same videos after few times do not do it anymore. I switch to Netflix and my music. It is not a problem and I understand limitations, just saying that I do not need video features.

No integrated app for outside riding. That is the most feature that I think disadvantage compare to TR for example. I found that it is not easy to take the training outside.

I consider taking a break from SUF and trying TR or Xert. Are any of you used it? Any recommendations?

I have used both TR & sufferfest & will share opinion. I’m 55, been cycling 10 years and in last 18 months or so tried to be more intentional around structured training.
TR app worked great for me on iPad, no issues & tech support is truly excellent.
I tried low volume plan, then after completion moved to mid volume.
I found the emphasis on sweet spot somewhat tedious, however I think great for building base fitness.
I hate the ramp test and typically found zero gains in ftp using that method. Eventually I manually increased the numbers & used those. At end of block the ramp test told me my ftp was the one I had manually set.
On the other hand, loads of people claiming very impressive gains.
I will say in following sufferfest plans, again I have seen no increase in ftp either. So, I’m missing something, but that’s for another topic.
TR forum, like th is one is great, full of folks trying to help.
I have not tried the outdoor workouts so cannot comment on those.
I still have TR sub active & if you want I can send a referral for a free trial.
Mixed feelings on their plan builder, it produces a plan, but it felt the switch from build to specialty section was ridiculous and I could not manage those workouts without reducing intensity.
Hope this helps, if it prompts other questions ill answer those if I’m able.

What plan were you doing Richard? The general road plan intermediate has a fair shrinking of higher intensity workouts, such as 9 hammers, violator, revolver and so on. If every workout took you deep into the red then it would soon grind you down.I am not a coach, but speaking personally, I started Suff. with 3 *12 week blocks and showed a slight decline in numbers over that time, I was considering whether to renew or not when the tour of Suff came along. The extra workouts without a day off , followed by a an uncomfortably long recovery plan seemed to suit me down to the ground and my FF numbers really took off with the massive gains you mentioned. The ramp test is not so accurate across the board as the FF , I did the half monty, it was fun but I was one of those who did not get helpful results from it. I could not ride to the numbers. Although the Suff plans have all the science, balance and structure built in, so learning what works for you is important too

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shrinking should read sprinkling, spell check changed the word

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Really appreciate your feedback.
You add me something to think about. I thought that in general, all training plans should not be so different, a mix of HIIT, tempo, endurance, and recovery. Anyway, science is the same, and everybody access the same articles. I find that the All-Purpose Road training plan is working for me but it not in line with my goals. Or more correctly with all my goals.
Ideally, I would like to have training plans of SUF, one that I trust, + duathlon plan with integrated strength, and software of Zwift.
I am curious to see what is inside of TR. I would like to use your offer for a referral for a free trial.

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So I actually paid for a 12 week customised plan - I’m apparently a rouleur with repeated attacks as weakness. So I didn’t get a standard plan. Added yoga which I like. Did the 2 week with week recovery vs 3 + 1.
So I’m not sure how top answer your question. Coach Spencer was super to work with, but the results were not as I had hoped. So will try something else. Working on adding strength training now and fewer hours on the bike & will see how that works.