Wahoo tickr connection

Hi guys

I’m new to SUF (and to cycling). I completed the 4DP today on my third attempt. I’m sure I’ve read that wahoo tickr will pair with the SUF app, however I’m having difficulty doing it.

Can someone kindly help me set it up so my heart rate can be recorded.

Thanks in advance.

Your best bet will be to contact the minions who will help you through it.

What platform are you using to run Sufferfest?

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Hi Alistair

I’m using an iPad mate

Should connect the same way you connected your other devices inside the app after you’ve started a workout video.

Before you start make sure the Tickr is awake and broadcasting (put it on!). When you start a video in the Suf app there will be a window showing your current connections (if not hit the gear icon on the top right of the screen and go to Devices) hit the blue Add Device button and you should see your Tickr.

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Thanks mate. I’ll go and give it a go.

I use an iPad, too. I used to have problems connecting the iPad to the Sufferfest app. Now I turn the iPad off and on before each session and it connects fine. After booting up the iPad, I start the sufferfest session in the app and fire up the Tickr. When the hrm data starts showing in the app and you’re good to go!

I’ve managed to sort it now. Thanks guys. Not sure if it helps but I did the water on the tickr band thing before putt it on. Then did as Alistair suggested and it’s worked.

Shame I did a 4DP this morning without heart rate. I almost want do do it again. Then again it was disgusting so I think ill pass haha.

Thanks everyone for being so helpful.


I also find if, for whatever reason, my tickr stops broadcasting, a quick unclip on one side and back on “reboots” it to pick up the BT connection.

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It’s all a learning curve for me. I’m a new cyclist hitting 40. If you read my bio I’m also a right leg amputee.

This is the start of my return to fitness with the help of suf. This seems like a great community.


Welcome to SUF mate, we are here for you, happy to help!

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Another top tip is to wear it backwards, with the pod on your back as opposed to on your chest. This stops the contacts drying out and loosing contact with your skin when being blasted by the fan. Also the back of your ribcage expands much less than the front when breathing deeply so the contacts stay in place giving a more reliable reading.


Hi Neil

Thanks for the welcome.

Thanks Jon

I will give this a go.

For the sake of experimentation, I will have to try this. I’m intrigued that such a low voltage conducted by HRM transmitter electrodes could get consistent ECG readings posterior to the :heart:.


As I have used my tickr with my phone as well, I have had occasions where it has automatically connected to my phone instead of my Mac. Just turn BT off on the phone for a few sec and the tickr will connect to the desired device instead.

Here’s a good reason to read the other posts. Lack of chest moisture has never been an issue for me but will try this out on a hot day.

So I tried running the electrodes posterior for this morning’s ride with some electrode gel, and was only able to get spotty signals, with long drop periods. Didn’t work based on my testing.

That said, I’m 80kg, so maybe someone with an, uh, “narrower” torso might have better luck?


It was worth a go, I’m 80kg too with a sweaty back maybe that’s the difference? I got the tip for putting the sensor pod on my back from DC Rainmaker’s blog.