Half Monty before 4dp

At the end of the month I have a 4dp scheduled, as part of the fitness kickstarter plan. I was thinking of changing it the half monty. I would then do then 4dp plan.

My logic is I’ve been off the bike for 5 years and I want to get the most out of the 4dp. I don’t want to be unrealistic with how much my power may have improved either.

I really want to get back to my old numbers and I struggle to keep myself in check.

Does this seem like a good idea or is a week between tests too aggressive?

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Based on my own experiences I would suggest staying with 4DP. It is worth doing the test just to get the feel of it. I didn’t do well for my 1st 4DP but several weeks later took the HM and that test made the necessary adjustments. When I took the 4DP the 2nd time I felt well prepared. Improvement can come quickly especially early on in training so it is worth being patient and following the plan.



Welcome back to the Sufferfest, 5 years is a while off the bike so I hope the Kickstarter plan is treating you well so far!

I would recommend leaving the final workout of the plan as Full Frontal as it will give you a complete view of where you are. As you have mentioned you are getting back to cycling, I would avoid doing another test the following week but what you could do is lead onto the 4week base training building block and schedule the Full Frontal Prep Week after that?

As Jon has mentioned, doing FullFrontal will get you more familiar with the different efforts and also help with your pacing of these.

To get accurate values across all of your 4DP metrics, as well as your Rider Type, primary strength and weakness, and training plans tailored to your 4DP® profile, you need to do Full Frontal. Yes, it’s more physically demanding, but it ultimately gives you more insight into who you are as a cyclist.


Thanks for the replies.

I’ll leave full frontal as it is.

I am enjoying the fitness Kickstarter. I was on a ride Sunday with friend and he noticed my fitness had improved.

I’ll just try to be realistic with my number projections and not kill my self in the first 5 minutes of the 20 minute test.


Best of luck! It helps to set some pacing goals ahead of time but the software will also make suggestions too. I found the SUF Full Frontal tutorial very helpful as a way to prepare.

Get The Most Out of Full Frontal


You could always consider changing the last week of the plan to the Half Monty/Full Frontal Double Plan. The HM results mid week are a guide to help pace the FF effort at the end of the week.