Half Monty how much can you gain?

I have my half monthly at the mid way point of the all purpose road plan on dec 13.

I feel stronger and I’m just getting back to training after a long lay off, almost 5 years.

When I test I will have 17 weeks weeks of training under my belt.

Is it possible to see a 10% increase or higher ?

Is the ramp test designed to only allow a maximum percentage increase ?

Did you do a full 4DP test before starting your plan? Since you started training several months ago I was wondering what your baseline is and when it was set. A 10% or more gain after 17 weeks from ground zero would be quite achievable, but much more of a challenge in 6 weeks if you tested at the start of your 12 week plan. I don’t think the HM test will in any way cap your percentage gain, so just smash it as hard as you can at the time and see how you go!

I did perform a 4dp at the end of the fitness builder program.

It will be 7 weeks from my 4dp test when I Half Monty.

In that case you might find this discussion useful:-

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It is based on the numbers you score and they say you won’t be able to finish all the steps of the ramp test. Let’s say you get to the end, so the maximum would be a percentage (FTP = 75%) of the average power of your last minute.
So there is a limit, but hard to be achieved.
I did one HM at week #8 of my plan and increase my FTP from 218 to 252 W (I’ve failed 3 steps to the end). Then last Sunday I did FF at week 12 and achieved 257 W.
I believe it is not difficult to see a 10-15% increase in your case, but each one responds a different way.

3 steps is my record to but I’m determined to finish it one day.

So far as I understand the ramp that should be impossible unless your MAP increases outside of the Suf ecosystem and you don’t enter that new data into the Suf app.

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That was my understanding too. Ramp tests are usually designed to be impossible to actually complete.

There goes my dream, but thank you.

The way the video and write up are done it made it sound possible.

Last time I blew up on the 3rd to the last step so maybe be I can get to the 2nd last this time

Great to hear you have HM coming up! This will be a great time to re-assess those numbers which will be beneficial for you as you mention you are feeling stronger so it will adjust your FTP and MAP targets for the remainder of your plan. Here is some extra info you can check out also:

When HM was tested last year I tried it and reached the end. At that time they used to say it was impossible to finish all the steps. I did finish, but later I figured out there was a mistake since I stood up to manage to finish the final part.
That demo version I think used to start at a step of about 50% FTP and had only 13.
The current, official version, starts a bit higher and has 15 steps.
Here the images of my recent HM test (The Suf App and Garmin Connect screen captures) and comparing them to my try with the pre-official version of HM (on Feb 2019).

Comparing both tests I am very happy to reach the third last step and I don’t know if I could reach the second last even if I was in a perfect day for testing.