Half-Monty test question

Working my way through a 12 week training program I just did the Half-Monty and had a question.

When I did the ramp portion I needed to pedal at a very high cadence to maintain power (I was over 135rpm). Is this normal or did I do something wrong? I have a Saris H3 trainer and I had it set correctly to ERG mode.

It seemed like each ramp required a higher cadence…is this normal?

Thank you

That doesn’t sound right to me. I did a Half Monty on a Saris H3 a couple months ago and erg mode during the ramp section functioned as expected, matching the power to the target regardless of cadence. Does erg mode work normally for you in other workouts?

I’ve heard of the trainer getting stuck in a different mode - if it happens again, try switching to level mode then back to erg and see if that helps. If not, I’d contact the Minions, because trainer behavior in Half Monty should be no different than otherwise.

Definitely not normal. I have an H3 and just did the ramp test yesterday and this did not happen. However, I did notice in both Suf and Zwift workouts that the H3 will “miss” a command and not adjust the resistance/wattage target. Happened to me in the Revolver workout the other day. The wattage target went up for the interval but didn’t drop for the rest period. So even though the Suf video was showing my “rest” wattage as the target, the H3 was keeping me at that 1 min effort wattage (ouch!). I think at that point I paused the video and disconnected and reconnected the trainer and it worked itself out.

Obviously that’s not a great option during a test!

So, for whatever reason, ERG mode wasn’t working and that why I had to peddle like a crazed gerbil.

Many thanks to the Sufferfest minions for helping me figure this out and work through a solution

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