Newbie Half Monty

I have a friend that did Half Monty today for the first time.

According to him the ramp test ended before he reached his limit.

Should it not continue until he can’t go any more?

Looks like he got up to around 310 watts before it ended.

Smart trainer used in Erg mode


It depends on what settings you’ve put in to your profile when it was created.
Basically, the initial settings in his profile were too low.
If he does it again when fresh another day it will be a lot closer to his level and he probably shouldn’t see it through that time.

It’s a limited length ramp, so it does require that your initial settings are at least somewhere close to sensible.


If your friend is in SUF for the long term, the initial numbers should not matter all that much. Over time with enough tries at HM and FF, the numbers will become more accurate.

Thank you

Also thought so

Will retest tomorrow using updated figures

True but he isn’t the type that rolls like that.

Its right or wrong

Then he will have some tough times if he follows any training program, much less SUF. I guess the best you can do is to be a supportive friend.

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I rode out the top of the ramp the first time I did HM, had been out from cycling for a while and just used guesstimated numbers. I did a Full Frontal a couple of weeks later and now I go into the ramp in HM thinking I can ride this out and I’m definitely going to kill this before having complete failure around three from the top.

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