Half monty

Hi people.
Today i do the ramp test, because the micro 40/20 and rue the day feel easy!!! My max heartrate is about 180. For this workouts my heartrate was about 165.
So i go with full power in the test… and the result
My ftp is -4 watt und my map -3 watt and threshold heartrate -6. :wink:. So i’m frustrated. What can i do to get faster?
Repeat the test after two easy recovery ride. Or train with the old numbers? My weakness is vo2

Have you had a half decent rest before you dove into Half Monty? There’s a good chance you’re just fatigued. Retest when you’re a bit better rested, and see what that does to your numbers.

Yesterday i had a recovery ride with average heartrate 105 about 1 hour. The 40/20 the first intervall 100% 2nd 105% 3rd 108%.

I’d echo Sir trapmesuf’s comments, Half monty is till you fail and it really suffers if you go in with fatigue.

I tested fatigued 3 weeks ago. My MAP was down 30 watts, FTP was down 10 and heart rate was 9 lower (compared to the same test 5 days later after a recovery week). Take a few days, get some rest in the legs and the nervous system then go hard.


FWIW, for testing, I always do the Half Monty + Full Frontal 1 week test plan which includes some prep, the HM, then recovery, prep and the FF. The HM sets suggested targets for the FF, which I try to slightly better. I believe this gives more consistent test results than doing either the HM or FF in relative isolation…and it’s a very solid week of workouts.

What is your threshhold HR, I checked some old workouts and my HR during 40/20s is only up around threshold by the end of a set even on fresh numbers, Just because the workout feels “easy” doesn’t mean it isn’t doing you any good.

For the test it was 170
After the test 164

Have you been following a SYSTM plan or making up your own?
Threshold HR drops when we are fatigued, I’d echo what others have said and take a couple of days complete rest and then retest. Why not do the 1wk FF prep plan and update your 4dp and rider type at the same time?

I made last month the map block 3:1 outdoors!!
I know my numbers because i can look at last activity. At the moment i am in the middle of my own plan. 2 or 3 hit Workouts in week. And rest of riding only active recovery zone 1 in watt and heartrate. And i feel very good. Thats the reason i tested me.
Maybe i feel physically well but my body not.
I hope you understand me!
My english is not good

Sounds good. Sometimes I find it hard to recognise that I am fatigued I feel great physically but there are other signs.
Great post from the Wahoo coaches here
From the Coaches: Signs and Symptoms of Fatigue - Training / From The Coaches - SYSTM Forum (wahoofitness.com)

I have done the 3:1 MAP block several times. It’s a really great set of workouts. I’ve always managed to finish the block and feel strong at the end of the rest week - but I have very often blown up a week or two later. I think it fatigues me more than I realise (I love MAP workouts, so I stay very engaged and reckon I don’t notice the fatigue until it’s too late).