Half Monty: confusing results

OK, I just did my mid-plan Half Monty. Compared to my 4DP, my FTP increased by 33 watts, my MAP jumped 45 watts. I’m really happy with these results obviously. However, my LTHR dropped 5 bpm, which really surprised me.

Anyone out there have any insight on these seemingly conflicting results? TIA

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No insight but interested in any answers due to similar results.

I’ve done Half Monty twice and had increases in FTP and MAP but also had LTHR down 9bpm. Told me I might be fatigued but both times I was following one of the training plans, so was slightly confused by that comment!

Some people (I’m one of them) find a ramp significantly easier than a long steady-state effort.
My HM numbers are always higher than 4DP even if I cloned myself and did them both at the same time in the same physical state.

I wouldn’t worry about it in any regard, see how you go on the upcoming numbers.
My first HM after starting Sufferfest I got big gains, but could cope fairly easily as my fitness was improving rapidly also. Now I’ve plateaud a bit I find HM numbers can almost drive workouts to be unmanageable, while 4DP gets closer but I’m rapidly turning the difficulty up a bit.

I think your rider type really has a very strong bearing on this.

Good luck with the new numbers, though and it’ll be interesting to hear how you go.

I would not worry too much. The heart rate is much more susceptible to external influencing factors than your power numbers. Hydration, temperature, sleep, alcohol, other non-training-related stressors. You name them. As long as you are not training and testing in a laboratory, there is no way to count all these factors out. And since the power-based training approach does not care too much about heart rate, it really does not matter as long as the heart rate is not completely out of the ballpark.
But that is just my personal assumptions from my own experience. I’m not a physician or a qualified coach.



Huge jumps congrats! You are putting in the work. I had a similar reax when my LTHR dropped.

I did HM on 4/23 and FF today.

4/23 HM FTP + 27 (235) MAP +38 (291)

LTHR dropped 4 from 171 to 167
I rationalized this is change as a function of my HR Floor lowering. Recently my fitness gains + rest has seen my overnight resting HR has dropped as my fitness has improved, it gets into the low/mid 40s.

As you progress with those new FTP settings, be aware … they could be just a little high. I tried to hold during that HM 235 FTP for 20 mins in today’s FF and I just couldn’t get it done (only 223, but still a nice jump up from 3/28’s 208). I look at HM as something to turn to when a few hard workouts in a row seem too easy. Knock out a HM if the FTP jump is big then yes. Do a FF a few days later to get the complete picture ahead of a new training plan. - Cheers to even more success for you!

I always get a much lower LTHR value on HM compared to FF.
Last 2 HM tests gave LTHR 171 and 173 bpm.
Last 2 FF tests gave LTHR 182 and 179 bpm (these are in line with my Training Peaks estimates)

Despite this obvious difference, both FTP and MAP values were on the money for both HM tests. I have no idea why my LTHR values are always lower for HM, it’s just some quirk of the test protocol. I just ignore it.