Have a Search For Friends Option Available

This is more a port over from Strava really but I think it would be a nice option that if you have friends who use SYSTM it would be nice if you could look them up like on Strava, I know sometimes on Strava you can’t see all the ride details but on Wahoo you could see their 4DP stats and have the ability to go into their rides and just see how hard they went was it a good ride or bad one, did they nail their last Half Monty unless you know or ask them lol their weight and to see their Watts Per Kg. I guess it depends if other riders would be happy if others could see their stats but there could always be an option for your profile to be public or private. I guess for people I follow on Strava I’m maybe only getting half the story because I don’t know what their 4DP Stats are. Would be nice to see but maybe it’s something your not even looking at.


@Shaned1972 Note that there is a Sufferfest Club on Strava.

Strava Club: The Sufferfest

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