Haven't been able to complete one work out

I’m new to suf and did my 4dp test and started the general road plan. I haven’t bee able to complete any work out except the ones that are supposed to be endurance ones and I find those to be pretty tough too. Not sure why. Use garmin vectors for the power on a Tacx Neo 2. I’ve had both for a long time and am pretty confident in the numbers.

today for example I was scheduled to do Blender. My 5 minute power in the 4DP was 321 and this work out the 3 set has me doing 320 for 3 minutes with another 6 sets to go and already having done over 10 minutes at FTP in the previous sets. I can’t see how that is possible to complete.

I think its time to go back to Xert.

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I’m not quite sure that you’re doing the ‘right’ Blender as the only time you hit true threshold is in the final 3 efforts. The rest are 90% threshold (Sweet Spot … 88-96% FTP) and ‘should’ be uncomfortable but eminently ’doable’

Don’t forget that Blender is a tough session and is designed to really test you, in fact you’ll find that most of the SUF sessions are like that but there’s some very good science behind them for being this way

I also don’t think it’s a good idea to let the Vectors control your Neo2 … I did an experiment with my Kickr and dual sided Stages and it was a complete disaster but once I just let the Kickr do it’s thing everything was fine


Hi Gordo,

I definitely don’t let my powermeter control my Tacx. I just use the Tacx for both power and trainer control otherwise things get a little iffy. Might be die in part to losses between the crank (pedals in your case) and the trainer. I tried it once, never again.

Also, are you carrying fatigue from a long outdoor weekend ride? Are you doing anything above and beyond what the plan is asking for? Are you adequately fueled? If yes to all the above, trust the plan and stick with it. Training to 4DP rather than FTP is incredibly tough when you first make the switch. I can’t remember how Xert sets power numbers, sounds like you haven’t seen much difference from th 4DP test to what Xert had set for you though.

For the general road plan, I absolutely battle to make targets in the first 4 week block on fresh numbers. I usually can’t. It’s hell. 2nd block I can just about make my targets. Block 3 I tend to nail it…which means time to re-test. Stick with it and trust the plan. The Minions should be along shortly to provide more guidance.

Other things to think about…have you added in Strength/Yoga? You will take some time to adapt to that and it will be way harder to nail targets until that adaptation has happened.

Hopefully this helps a little too:

More articles here:

We’re all here to support you! Hang in there! :muscle:t2:

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Hey @Gordo62 ! I’ve just noticed your post! I have a few resources for you to check out:

This will help get you started. Note that you can’t split the power from the app to your trainer and the power meter. It’s one or the other.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please send us a help ticket. Submit a request – Sufferfest Support We would be happy to look at your setup and get things working right for you!


Hi there.

Can you please ping the minions an email on this so you get off to the best start?
will get them.

Power match isn’t a thing in Sufferfest so just so we can help the best - that setup you are using:

Are you using Sufferfest to show your pedals power?
Or is Sufferfest showing your Neo2’s power?
I assume there’s no ERG in use as Powermatxh isn’t available in the app

(There was a spell when this was being tested but it didn’t make the cut for release due to other app priorities if I remember right)

Def worth contacting the minions who will help.

As the other folks have said - mixing and matching your power sources (if you are) isn’t reliable.

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A dammit. @anon8787683 (one of said minions) wrote the answer while I was taking too long to type. Lol

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