Pre-Season workout / Butter Too hard for me

Hello all,

My 4DP is :

I am following the XC pre-Season workout since 2 months without missing any entrainment.

But I am facing an issue, I am not able to complete the butter session, How I can improve my skills to complete it ?



Echoing @Martin that is an impressive MAP which might make Butter very challenging. Other questions. How’s your fatigue level? Do you have a repeated effort weakness?

@desmofab those are some great numbers!

One thing I noticed with my profile that during my first ff test I “saved” myself to much for the ftp part. So I did a second one and my profile was more balanced.

love Butter. It’s one of my favorites. it’s demanding because you’re not really riding as easy as you’d like during the “recoveries.”

But there’s no magic to it. Keep working the aerobic stuff, try to throw in some long rides whenever you’re able, maybe do a tempo block when you’re done with your plan and this stuff’ll come around. The aerobic system can keep developing, little by little, for years.

BTW, did FF give you an error message that your MAP was too high relative to your FTP and adjust it downward? I’m not sure at what point that happens.

Wow ! thanks to all for yours answers !

To be honest I don’t know how my home trainer is accurate ( real turbo muin B+)

I made my first 4DP test on the 31st December after almost 3 months without any workout also it was my first “ride” on a home trainer.
I am a “solar rider” this is my principal weakness and this is why I am using sufferfest now :slight_smile:

I made the butter workout after a strong week in sufferland ( 4dp test + outdoor cycliing with intensity), so, I was already tired. But my last outdoor workout really confirmed that I can’t hold an sustained effort with an high velocity ( like in butter) after two hours on saddle.

I would like to find a training plan in order to work on it.

OOOOOOH! This is a thing? We get history graphs overlaying prior FF’s? Now I’m actually excited to do FF again this weekend. Well, a little excited.



Are you currently following a plan or just picking workouts? Why type of riding are you doing and do you have any goals related to it?


I am following a plan and due to the context I don’t have any goal.
I just want to be more performant for my pleasure. :slight_smile:

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