Static FTP


I’ve been training all summer, 5-6 days at one hour minimum in the saddle, but my ftp stays roughly the same (painfully low). Is this simply the best I can achieve physically? I do suffer from an inability to maintain normal hydration levels due to a digestive condition.

Thanks for any guidance.

When you say you’ve been training, what does that mean for you?

Have you followed a plan? Have you tested? If so, what do your tests look like?

While I can’t speak to your digestive conditions and hydration, I think that would make it even more important for you to have your pre/post nutrition down pat. That said, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t make gains, just that it may have to involve more planning.

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Please tell us more about what your training looked like, which plans, indoor/outdoor etc?

Also, if you wanted some more guidance, please remember we offer customised plans where you can discuss your goals in person with a coach:

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I tended to remain the Same until I did the Tour of Sufferlandria.
The other thing that help is leg strength, if you don’t have to spin so much, you can achieve maybe more, happened to me

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First, thanks for the replies! Just another reason I am loving it here in Sufferlandria.

So, as for workouts, earlier this summer, I did two, two week general training plans on Zwift (sorry, trialed it on recommendation), then moved to Sufferfest and completed Full Frontal/Half Monty (4DP results = 392/198/164/132). Since, I was only able to complete one+ week each of All-Purpose Road and Building Blocks training plans, along with a number of individual workouts based on the 4DP result recommendations. I also ride outside, mostly on local hilly 15 mile loops, but also some longer 20-30 mile outings. I also ride virtually between workouts and outdoor rides on Rouvy to mix things up. My current 4DP results after riding yesterday, with no associated preparation beyond a number of recent outdoor great feeling rides and two days off to rest before are as follows… 4DP=711/244/155/126. So my short efforts are way up, but longer efforts are down from comparatively very low performance.

I agree pre- and post- prep are critical for me due to digestive issues, but was very surprised not to see longer effort power going down so far.

I will inquire about custom training plans, for sure.

Thanks again for any words of wisdom.

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