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Hello forum-mates!

So gist of the post is I was run down by a large truck last week while commuting - texting or sleeping, no idea. Probably never even noticed me. Minor concussion, cracked orbital, lots of bumps and bruises but overall no lasting harm. Helmet gave its life.

New bike was safely protected by my body - only a couple of scratches.

Side note: realized I needed to update my RoadID, which I’ve had forever. Received two $10 off codes for additional purchases, so if anyone is interested in purchasing a RoadID, DM me and first two people can have a code.

Be safe out there!


Sorry to hear Sir. Glad you’re alive and, in the scheme of things, not too beat up. Rest and heal well and quickly!

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Oh no, I hope you are OK and recovering well Sir.

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That’s not the way to get a new helmet. Glad you are ok and that the bike is going to be fine. Hope the truck company is going to take care of any expenses.

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Oh man!!! The Shield, Cap’n Sir Ian, use the dang Shield!!

Glad you’re here posting about it rather than us reading it from someone else tho. No More Ghost Riders Needed!!!


Oh my goodness!! That is horrible news yet good news that you are alive and * mostly * okay. Definitely don’t ever want to need to use your helmet or safety gear, but that’s why we wear it and better it gave its life than yours. I am glad you are alive and healthy enough to tell us about your crash. I hope you heal up quickly. :mending_heart::pray:

Indeed, Sir Glen. Indeed.


Did they at least stop after they hit you and get a police report filed? My group got hit a few years back and I can remember really feeling no pain as I was in such a state of pure rage at the person for not paying attention when we had blinking lights and everything we could to be visible. It’s a terrible thing to have to go thru and I’ll be honest, it’s one of the reasons I haven’t really been riding this year. I made myself last year and had a couple of close calls and this year I just don’t have the proverbial guts to keep going.

I’m glad you’re mostly okay physically, mentally time will tell and most importantly that you made out alive. It’s the scariest thing to go thru both during and after.


Glad we aren’t adding to the count. Sadly we are well above normal in this area this year with a count of five and we aren’t halfway through the year.


Very sorry to hear about your accident. Super glad to see that you’ll be able to mend well.


That’s rotten! I’m so glad you’re able to post your story! Here’s to a quick recovery!

Stupid drivers :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Oh no!!! Glad you are mostly ok! I hope you have been checked for a TBI…I have had a few and can report…what were we talking about?

Just trying to keep your spirits up!! Get well my friend!


So thankful you’re telling the story. We had a similar situation last week when a driver left turned into a group of us - 25 riders. Just zoned out and went through the middle of the pack. Thankfully that was just some bruising on our rider. Please be well soon! It is rough out there.


far out, I’m sorry to hear it, but very glad to hear that you’re basically OK. Had my own run-over-by-a-truck experience in 2017. He did stop - but then went AWOL, had to hire a PI to find him. According to the Police he… wasn’t lacking experience.



Oh I’ll bet