Heart rate way off during recovery rides

Hey all. I’m just into my 2nd week of SF training. I’ve done my 4DP test and it put me right about where I expected from an FTP perspective compared to other test results I’ve gotten.

I’ve found most of the workouts to be fairly easy… I’m trusting the system knows how to ramp up based on the data it got for me during my 4DP. Overall though, I tend to ride much harder just doing free rides in Zwift. I’m waiting for the system to catch up with me.

Today my workout was “Extra Shot” (20 mins) which followed yesterdays “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time” (1 hr 50 min). I assumed the workout today was intended to be a recovery spin after the longer ride as the FTP/Power Level was very low (~50% or less of actual FTP). There were some sections which had the cadence up around 110 or slightly higher… During these sections, the dashboard showed a suggested Z4 heart rate (155-164). The intensity of the workout was so low that I was nowhere near this… Heart rate was around 105-110.

I believe the workout intensity can be reduced based on previous activity etc. Does this apply to heart rate data in the workout as well? Should the dashboard should have shown a more realistic heart rate based on the reduced intensity of the workout? Or was I just doing it wrong?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


Hi @bcparfitt! The reduced intensity workouts don’t adjust for heart rate zones, unfortunately, causing quite a bit of confusion! We’ve actually removed these from the training plans and have replaced them with the Inspiration content workouts! You can update your training plan by doing the following:

1- delete the current plan, but take note of your plan details AND your current END DATE.
Delete a Training Plan

2- reapply the same plan with the same END DATE.

This should prevent any further confusion! Email us if you have any further questions! Theminions@thesufferfest.com


@anon8787683 Hi Therese I have this issue (just started, HR low relative to intensity) but with all workouts/zones not just recovery ones. I was wondering if the HRM (Garmin) was off but I have no other reason to think that and cross checking pulse suggests it’s OK. I did however get an error message after doing Half Monty, in terms of the quality of the ride when riding to HR in the middle. Should I try that again as a first step?

Can you send in a help request? This will be easier if we have all your account data and workout files to look at! Theminions@thesufferfest.com

OK thanks