Heart rate data BUG

Hi I’ve been using System now for about 2 weeks and I’m really enjoying the workouts!

I’ve been using bluetooth to connect my Garmin HRM-Dual HR strap and Tacx Flow Smart trainer to a laptop. The initial setup was fast and easy.
But today after I uploaded the workout to Strava I noticed that the HR data looked weird.

I checked one more activity uploaded a few days back, and it was a similar graph with gaps in it.
(Sorry, can only show one image.)

I also noticed that sometimes my HR during my workouts was kind of low for the effort but the next second it jumped up for 10-15bpms. It only happened a couple of times but it might be related.

I just checked a Zwift activity on Strava I uploaded a few weeks ago and the HR graph looks perfectly fine with no ‘blanks’ in the graph.

I don’t really care that much that much about data on Strava. But it would be good to know that the data displayed during workouts is reliable.


I’ve seen this before but not on SUF/SYSTM. In ErgVideo, I have the same dropouts there. The issue seems to be that I record data on a Windows laptop with an ant+ stick plus a Garmin GPS watch. Turn the watch off and dropouts on the computer go away. Should not interfere like this… But it does. Are you recording on a 2nd ANT+ device…?

This is already discussed in another thread - Heart Rate on strava issue

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@giorgitd Everything goes via my laptop’s bluetooth and I don’t use a watch.
As @rdo kindly pointed out this issue is already known and it should be fixed in future updates.

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