Heart rate zones.. LTHR or HRMAX?

Are there any coaches on here that could help me with a query regarding heart rate zones and the differing zones set by using heart rate max vs LTHR… and why different training platforms use different zones? I just want one set of zones to work to when out on the road without a power meter.
If I calculate my zones using the LTHR method with the value Sufferfest has given after testing… the zones differ wildly to those that every other platform/website recommend ie use HRMax.

I just want to make sure my zone is correct for training for endurance.

Hope at least some of that made sense…

Hi @James_Brown, welcome to the forum. Just an FYI, I’ve moved your post to the Training section. There’s a few different categories and it just helps keep things tidy :slight_smile:

Hopefully one of the coaches can help with your question!

Ah ok… sorry first time on the forum. Thanks… appreciated.

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Not a coach but here’s an article that covers the SUF zones and definitions, might help

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