Max HR is SF to high?

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I recently did the Half Monty since doing the FF for the first time in June. My LTHR increased significantly (176), which is great, but I noticed in a workout today that it said my zone 5 is 177-211, so I’m wondering if my zones are messed up because my max hr is 188 (pretty confident about this based on Polar HR, Garmin, and Whoop, higher for my age, but definitely not 211 lol). But I know during the HM that my HR strap glitched a second or two into the 200s, so wonder if that caused it. My questions:

  1. Can max hr be adjusted?
  2. Does the 211 impact or change my zones or workouts, or is that irrelevant, just my LTHR?
  3. Did that glitch and the 211 mistakenly calculate my LTHR too high?

My previous LTHR was 156, I definitely know that I feel good up to 167, I can maintain that at least for 20 minutes (haven’t tested longer than that, but did 2 rounds of that in a mtb ride this weekend in a longer ride). So not sure, I guess my LTHR could be 176, but was just worried when I saw 211 on my screen today :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty sure that’s just an upper ceiling of possibility because of how they model things.

I take my max from races. Sounds like you have real world examples too.

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Thank you, Sir! I was wondering if that was the case, maybe just a mathematical possibility calculation.

The HM doesn’t seem to work for me. Massively over estimates my LTHR.

HM = 180
FF = 167

For reference my max is about 194-197.

Probably a sign that I’m untrained… But hey. Key with it. I would personally just manually adjust down your LTHR to something that is realistic or based on perceived exertion.

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thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Very helpful. I see that it’s common for folks to say you can hold LTHR for 30 minutes, though I saw 30-60. I’m going to assume 30 minutes, but curious if anyone has thoughts on that as that’s helpful to me to dial in. I’m going to dial it down for sure as I doubt I can hold 176 for 30 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: I did hold 162-165 or something like that in HM for that 20 minute bit after doing the climb, so I feel like my LTHR is at least in there, 167. I’ll have to see what shows up in FF next month.

My LTHR in suf has been between 158-162 the last few times. However, I can sustain that for almost 90 minutes in a race environment as that’s what I’ve primarily trained for. Last all out race my hr by time was as below. So that race I was running about 92% of max for 90 minutes. The more fit you get, the closer reality aligns with the SUF science. You should see massive correlation if you’re pushing outside as hard as you are inside. SUF said 161 last time, race said 160…

  1. That number is a multiple of your LTHR. It can safely be ignored. However, I would wonder if you LTHR was 156 and it suddenly jumped to 176. That a 20 BPM jump. I would do a 20 minute FTP effort and see where my HR is at. Then I would take 93% of that.
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oh that’s a cool graph, what app is that?

Training Peaks (Premuim) - a data geek’s heaven.

I self-identify as a jock-dork.

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lol, I identify the same. I want to be cool enough to use Training Peaks lol. I have been tempted, but haven’t signed up yet, wanted to feel like I was kicking enough butt to make use of it. But the geek in me wants to go all in.

Yup. I would (assuming that’s a HR that doesn’t otherwise cause you any issues of course).
I’d roll with it and just train to power and see how it goes.


You’ve convinced me :slight_smile: Thank you!

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HM underestimates my LTHR.
I am not too worried, , but I suspect it is clearly 4 to 9 higher

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I had the same experience. My HM knocked my numbers upwards (as expected) and all of a sudden my training rides went from hard but comfortable to hard and completely unmanageable. HR was off the scale, my breathing ragged and super exaggerated. I am talking really, really loud huffing and puffing. I dialled it down after that. If this was how the sessions were meant to be then I’ve cocked them up. But it was far too much for me and not how I want my indoor rides to be. It is not like I’m training to race or anything. I am just a general rider kind of guy.