Help with Tickr and Downloading Data

At the moment, I need to monitor my heart rate just during day to day living and not necessarily whilst exercising. To do this I am wearing a Tickr HRM that was previously used whilst cycling. I can of course see the instantaneous heart rate on my iphone but how can I view the recorded heart rates from say after 12 hours of wearing the Tickr and hopefully download the data into Excel or Numbers?

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Hey @Captain_Mike, welcome to the forums. You’d need to use an app of some kind and keep it recording the entire time. You could use the Wahoo App, Strava, or download any heart rate monitoring app , there’s plenty of free ones out there.

When you end the recording, if you’re connected to Strava, Edit: you can then download the FIT (original) file, and convert it to a CSV file with a converter and add to Excel or Numbers. You can do this though Convert FIT Files to CSV

Edit2: I imagine a basic HR monitoring app would make all this simpler.

Edit 3: found fitiv on the App Store. It’s free with an optional upgrade. A little bit of faffing around but mostly pretty straightforward once it’s all connected. At the end of a “workout” you can choose to email the CSV to yourself.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I shall now give football a try.

Football!! Fitiv

@Captain_Mike , you could also record HR on a GPS watch or bike computer, if you have one.

If you turn off GPS, you should be able to get a file that just has your HR in it. Battery life may be an issue with some smaller devices though, so you may not get a full twelve hours.

Thank you for that. I do have an Elemnt Bolt so will set that up as you suggest.

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I have now come up with a different solution, which may be of help to others and so I shall mention it here.

I dug out my old MyZone MZ3 HRM and found that you can now access and download exercise data, without having to be in a “facility” to do so. There is a MyZone app for apple devices including the apple watch. So putting all that together I can dispense with the Tickr, wear my MyZone and view the data on my iphone or watch and then download the data as a .csv file to my imac. Hope this helps someone else and thanks for all the advice from forum members.