Monitoring recovery time

With SYSTEM I can follow my heart rate whilst I’m in a cycling session , however when I finish there is no facility in the app to stay connected to the heart monitor so I can check my recovery time. Can this be added ?

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Hey @DJH and welcome to the forums. I’ve moved your post to “Feature Requests”.

Interesting request. Once you finish a workout in SYSTM, the workout ends, you close the app and the sensors stop recording. You could get your HR data by rewinding the workout for X minutes and monitor your HR over that time. Or, you could dual record with another device.

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@DJH Please yould you more elaborate your request? If you want to monitor your heart rate all day/night, buy smart watch or similar gadget.

@DJH Honestly there are any number of ways and apps to track your HR over time post-workout.

Staying in-system and (assuming) the strap HRM, you could pull up the wahoo app and watch your HR there. I built a workout profile there that I called “recovery” to access HR data.

Also the Rival app, if you have the watch (or just the watch).

And then any available app that will pair with your HRM.