HR on Wahoo SYSTM

I’ve recently bought a Kickr Core and my setup on Wahoo SYSTM is limited currently to my mobile phone and a Garmin HR monitor.

It appears as the HR is ANT+ and Kickr needs Bluetooth that I can’t get then to talk.

I now have two sessions appear on Strava, one from my Garmin Watch which has HR from the strap but no Power. And then one from the Kickr which has Power but no HR.

So I have all the info but not collated into one session. Is there any way to amalgamate it all or do I need to buy a Wahoo Tickr HR monitor to transmit in Bluetooth?

Fo you have a Garmin HR chest strap or a Garmin watch with an optical HR sensor?

If you have a HR strap that is Bluetooth compatible, You should be able to link that to the Systm app.

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I have a Garmin chest strap but to the best of my knowledge it is ANT+ only. It’s the run strap with the red rubber outer.

Not a complete solution but can you connect your Kickr to your Garmin watch and “dual record” (i.e. SYSTM records the power from the Kickr and your watch records both HR and power/cadence)?

If SYSTM via your phone connects and controls the Kickr you should be able to connect the Kickr to your watch in a “listening only” mode.

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At least some of the Garmin watches are able to broadcast HR via Bluetooth.

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Broadcasting Bluetooth is a great idea but I’m afraid my watch is too old on the tech front for that solution!

@KeepYourPowderTri Strava doesn’t have a way to consolidate records but they do give directions on how to consolidate using a 3rd party app. I have not used this method. I consolidate my records in Training Peaks when I dual record (to get HR for SYSTM strength and yoga sessions).

Strava Merge or Combine Activities

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For the relative low cost and the freedom from hassle, if it were me, I would just buy a new HRM. Most are dual broadcast now (Bluetooth and Ant+).


Like @titanicus said, the Kickr DOES broadcast in Ant+ as well though so if you just want a record of the efforts, you should be able to pair your Kickr to the watch via Ant+. That won’t help you see your HR during the SYSTM workouts on your phone but you will have a file with Power and HR if that is the main goal.

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Just another thought. If you already have a BT/Ant+ HRM, perhaps it can only support one device at a time. Maybe if you disconnect your watch from the monitor, the monitor will show up on SYSTM. Or maybe not.

Have you tried connecting your HRM to your watch ? I’ve done this with my Polar H10, then when I start my ride on SYSTM I then start my Indoor Ride on the watch so there is no interference. If I start my watch before I start SYSTM there is interference and SYSTM won’t pick up my Tacx Neo 2 or my HRM.

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I’m coming round to that way of thinking too, just wanted to check I wasn’t missing something obvious first!

Wahoo Tickr £39.99
Garmin Dual Band £59.99

Quite the price difference!

I had completely overlooked attempting to get the power data on my watch by connecting to the ANT+ broadcast.

As you say it doesn’t get me HR in SYSTM during workouts which I’d like, but it would get my a file with HR and Power in the meantime!

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Just noticed you use the FR920XT, as do I. On the occasions that I do dual record (both SYSTM and Garmin watch), the power, speed and cadence from the Kickr and the HR from my Garmin Tri HRM connect to the FR920 perfectly with ANT+.

A point of caution about speed, however (and this is largely true of indoor speed anyway, if you don’t use the Suf Speed option in SYSTM). This is totally dependent on your gearing and can lead to tremendously inaccurate speeds and distances appearing on your Garmin.

For the Garmin recording, I configured the Kickr (via the Wahoo app - not SYSTM) to calculate speed and distance from the power to mitigate this effect.

Somewhat predictably but slightly disappointing nonetheless is the fact that the Kickr’s power-to-speed calculation is subtly different to SYSTM, so you’ll end up with different speeds and distances anyway. But these don’t matter indoors, right? :grinning:

Thanks, I haven’t managed to test receiving the power onto my watch yet due Christmas but good to hear that it should function ok.

In the meantime I’ve ordered a Garmin dual HRM in the sales as the Wahoo reviews were very very mixed!

Hopefully then I’ll be fully operational and ready for the testing to begin :face_vomiting:

I hadn’t really considered speed as an important metric, other than providing a total annual mileage number. Having said that my previous spin bike registered zero miles for every ride so can’t miss what I never had!

Had this same issue with my Garmin HRM.
Bought the Wahoo Tickr & no issues since than. It comes with a price, but since than I can sit down & relax in the saddle with no connection issues whatever.