Hi folks, newbie here, 4DP test and plan

Hi folks,
Hope your doing well?
Newbie here :person_raising_hand: :biking_man:
I have questions regarding 4DP result and plans

Info: 37yo, 110kg/242lbs, singlespeed 46/16 gear ratio, wahoo kickr snap.

I try to get back cycling started last year and after a broken acromion I’m at 6 month riding outside. But I’m in Montreal so winter will be indoor cycling

I took my 4DP test last week with result

  • NM - 837W
  • AC - 372W
  • MAP - 227W
  • FTP - 196W

I try a MAP plan but I think I’m doing something wrong
Today I made cadence builder and nine hammers but in ERG mode. It was by default but I can’t sustain the cadence for the power or vice versa.
Do I need to do it in level mode ?

Will I have to do all the activities in level mode and play with the UI all along?

How can I best match the plan with my equipment ?

Link for nine hammers
Nine hammers

Link for cadence builder
Cadence builder

Any insights is appreciated
Thanks for your time. Glad to be here and try my best to progress


Welcome to the forum. If you keep it in ERG the power will be set by the program so you don’t have to worry about it and you can focus on cadence. Sometimes a change in cadence will change your power for a few seconds until the trainer adapts, but it will then set the power. Congrats on getting two workouts in.

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I didn’t have any resistance so I mashed my pedals. Maybe I was too ecstatic of indoor cycling and didn’t let the time to the trainer to adapt the values.

Thanks again for your time

Will try it again tomorrow after my other workout “a very dark place”

Hi @BaltazarBugs. Welcome! Your gear is fine. I used a Snap for years and seldom changed gears, so your setup will work ok. In Erg mode the trainer will adjust resistance to match the target power based on your cadence. I also did Nine Hammers today for the first time - it’s a seriously tough workout. If you are struggling to hit the targets, try reducing the ride intensity by a few % points (from the settings option once you’ve started the workout).


You might need to work on using ERG with your SNAP. The key is to let the trainer catch up to the pace you are riding. Sometimes you will have to ‘overshoot’ Power and then let the trainer recover to where it’s supposed to be. One thing with wheel on smart trainers is to get the wheel tension correct. Too little and you spin the tire against the roller when changing efforts, too much and you can’t move the wheel when efforts go up.
And getting the power/cadence ratio right takes practice!

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Yep just finished “a very dark place” . I was the problem I just need to let the snap to adapt and working on my steady cadence.
The snap is kinda slow and I’m not the most precise steady guy.
So will work on that.
Thanks for your input

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One serious suggestion based on real world experience with the SNAP: Use Level/Slope on any workout with an interval of less than 30 seconds. The SNAP was VERY slow to respond to quick changes in resistance. I did some workouts with 10 second changes and the SNAP took about three to five seconds to respond to on/off commands.