History Beta Feedback

My first impressions…
Thumbs up:

  1. Addition of torque.
  2. Mouseable graphs that provide numbers (that was already added, but kept).
  3. Addition of selection summaries. (but see point below)
  4. Lap graph combined with selection summary is cool. Useful? Not sure, but cool.
  5. Overlaid graphs (but it’s a con too).


  1. Targets are missing in the graphs. This is the biggest downside. But in the present form it would probably be too busy with targets.

  2. Is it just me who thinks NP is more useful than average power for the main summary? Maybe this is an attempt be accessible to people who don’t understand what NP is yet? But you could just add an information bubble.

  3. My prefernce is not to collapse the settings buttons that turn graphs on and off. It just makes an important element of the UI that much more fiddly, and it re-collapses if you move the mouse incorrectly. This is certainly form over function as nothing is lost by leaving it expanded.

  4. Combined with this, consider one-click to separate all the graphs. I’m not sure how else you can reasonably include targets. Five graphs with targets (ten total), overlayed on a pretty compressed vertical scale, is too much. Even just two (four total) would be busy. The overlayed graph has its use, but it’s not without tradeoffs.

  5. Best power intervals are now only in graphical/mouse-over form. The added graph to me only is useful as a selection selector. I’d prefer to still have the old 4 summary numbers at a glance without mousing around the graph to find each one.

  6. It’s missing the 4DP stats. That was always a little funny as it’s harder (not impossible) to reflect changes made during the activity, and it didn’t, which was ok. Still useful to have.


  1. The lap table is pretty unexciting for now, particularly if it won’t have metrics other than speed and distance. It’s not bothering me, but is pretty useless in my opinion. I’d prefer HR and power zone histograms, but those aren’t important either.

  2. Actually zooming on the selection would probably be an improvement in most uses. It would probably require a typical mouse drag UI instead of the slider. However zooming is probably not preferred if using the power curve to select intervals (because you want to see what interval was selected), so that’s true too.

  3. Very nit-picky, but using the lap graph to zoom kind of barely gets everything on the screen without scrolling up and down. I guess this is why the vertical scales are kept small. Some vertical space efficiency gains are possible. Or maybe the time series graphs could be between the power curve and lap graph so you only need to see two at once.

Feel free to respond with other thoughts, not just comments on mine.


I’ll add one more, that applies equally to the standard and beta, notes, or at least the first N characters of notes, visible in the history activity listing. If HR was really low on activity, that’s a lot more meaningful if you can see a note “HR cut out for last 10 minutes.” It’s a really minor thing, but might be nice if you’re tweaking things.




And just to clarify, I was referring to the single-activity page and the values initially presented in the summary banner. You can click to see more numbers including NP, but you have to dig around for that or go back out to the activity list view.

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Another one:

The beta activity listing page seems to be missing a search bar. That’s a pretty big one.


@Still_D This is really good feedback! I would also like to see some sort of power records list and perhaps highlighting those records within the individual workouts as well as being able to have a list view of historical records. For example - you finish Thin Air and see a new 20 minute power record or maybe it is 2nd or 3rd, etc. You could certainly look for this and track it in other apps like TrainingPeaks but it would be nice to have it integrated. The same could be done for pace (running) and heart rate.

Seems like history and history beta will merge at some point so we should see search functionality in there eventually - hopefully sooner rather than later.


Just a small nit-pick: when selecting part of the timeline, the zoom bar indicates its selected range in bright blue, but the map shows the unselected range in bright blue. Making the selected colour consistent between both would help intuitive understanding.


Zooming would be very helpful. It would allow you to see how you are performing within the interval i.e. am I holding or going high and tailing off.

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Are we talking about the same thing? Maps? I was referring to wahoo systm’s activity “History Beta.” I was not aware that wahoo systm displayed any outdoor activities. I don’t have a wahoo gps device though so maybe that’s why I’m not aware of such integration (I’d gladly test one and provide feedback :wink: ).

@Still_D Yes - when using a Wahoo bike computer or watch the workout goes to the Wahoo cloud and shows up in SYSTM. Long term plan is to add activities from non-Wahoo devices.

You can also use the Wahoo Fitness App on your phone to record activities and they will show up in the cloud. I was doing this for weightlifting and rowing before getting the Rival watch.

Aye, maps in History Beta…

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