FF Test History UI Feedback

Hi, can you please move the changes to values to the bottom of the graph, to make it easier to view these. It would also be nice to have a proper table underneath that shows historical values clearly.



Hi @jessicat

This may be one of the problems with trying to please everyone.

I am personally fine with how the chart is laid out. It allows me to see the values and deltas next to each other.

Perhaps the developers could add the information near the labels however then there may be some that find it clutters the table since the information would then be redundant.

I don’t think there would be the ROI in allowing each individual to specify where they want the data given that the data is fairly static and only changes when a test is done.

My two cents…


It’s probably hard to see with my scribbles, but the AC delta is almost completely obscured. Putting under the x-axis would fix that easily. Maybe move the value there too (see a collision there for FTP with y-axis), e.g. 243 (-43), etc. And shouldn’t a decrease be red? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @jessicat

Thanks for the additional clarification.

I agree, in your chart the values are obscured and a negative value should be red for sure.

I’m not sure how to add a request for a change to the S/W but your example clearly shows there is room for improvement.

The developers may want to know what screen size and resolution you are using. Not sure if that has any affect on the display.

Hi. Add it into the feature requests category possibly for future dev work?

Maybe it’s already enough to ping @ellisa.podemski to this thread.

She is keeping track of all the feature requests, no matter if they are from the forum or communicated by mail.

@Ellisa: Can you please add this UI change to the feature request list? Or will you be treating this as a bug for the devs?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Hi @Pierre - thanks for the tag- @jessicat has already written to The Minions about this so we do have this noted and on the list!! Cheers!

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Blazing fast. You minions amaze me every time. :+1: Thank you!!

I would actually say this looks more like a bug with her system. I don’t have this issue at all with mine although I have only completed barely a handful of FF.

On the other hand I do feel that there might be some room for improvement in regards to the chart’s data arrangement and layout but I would also like to throw in this perspective out there. That this platform reaches out to a diverse population of people and some people do not spend their days staring at graphs or statistical data so something simplified might be the best approach.

One other thing to mention is about the suggestion about making negative numbers red. I understand from a purely statistical and science point of view about why it should be red and I can not disagree but I feel we need to temper that with the psychology of the human spirit. When people see red it immediately invokes a reaction that is typically negative or to stop doing something. Where as fitness is more of a spectrum on a continuum. This means that one can loose watts in one area but gain them in another or even altogether loose watts overall because of other factors such as maybe overtraining or coming back from injury; the healing process can really take some time. I also believe that making these numbers red would downplay the thought process of positive self esteem and self talk. This sport is already hard all on its own so why make it harder by establishing a negative mindset of something you may not need to improve because of a color. Okay, so I don’t want to make this a rant and I think I have a made a couple of good points about why they shouldn’t be red so I am going to leave it at that.