Hotel / Commercial Gym-Friendly Smart Bikes

I’ve noticed an increasing number of hotel gyms with Peloton bikes. Is there a comparable, easily adjusted & heavy duty, smart bike on the market? I’d like to start pitching it in my post-stay surveys, as I’d like to Suffer (and I’m sure others would like to Suffer/Zwift/Gaz) when traveling.

Wattbike make the AtomX which is targeted at gyms, hotels etc. Don’t know about the rest but Stages do make a lot of gym bikes so they might be in that market with a smart offering. The consumer targeted bikes would likely not cut it.

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Probably Stages SB20 here in the US.

Adding a comment that you don’t need a “smart” bike to Suffer on the go (or anywhere). If I was a gym (or a Jim) I’d be looking for something relatively simple and robust like (maybe) an SC1 or one of the variants. Power meter but no potentially temperamental erg mechanics. But then I still ride an old school Wattbike Pro for all my SUF sessions - something heavy duty enough that it hasn’t gone wrong in over 8 years and barely needs any maintenance. No good for a hotel gym though, way too noisy!

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