Wahoojimaflip poll (MAKE UP TO 4 SELECTIONS)

  • I find the name offensive
  • I would like the name changed
  • I am not bothered about the name
  • I would like the name kept as it is
  • Keeping the name would make me think about whether to renew my subscription
  • The current name would stop me purchasing Wahoo products
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Asking before I vote - what the heck is a “Wahoojimaflip” and why am I voting for/against it? :man_shrugging:


I’m just going to say that this poll having public results including who chose each option is likely to result in skewed results.


Wahooligan Tour

A play on the not to mention tour name and the name in general . Point taken about being public… tried to change it but cannot. If anyone knows how let me know please… thanks edit… cannot change the post after five minutes apparently

Strange there are a few voters with contradictory answers!!

How about an answer that is “I can’t fundraise because the word hooligan is too easily misunderstand when I share it with family, friends, or co-workers”

I’m OK with it in the wahoo community, but that limited audience won’t work for fund raising. The company I work for has a good donation matching policy, but I don’t want to risk putting it out company wide that I’m a hooligan


If I vote for everything is that like buying ALL the lottery tickets? Are the results of this poll binding?


No, just a bit of fun to see what the consensus of opinion is. If Wahoo haven’t done anything about this so far then I am not holding my breath waiting for any future change.


I have been a Sufferlandrian since 2012 and I created an account here specifically to respond to this poll and comment that I believe the name should be changed. I have seen the posts from company representatives asking us to just accept their original intent – I am sorry, but that is not how it works and that is not the world we live in. I absolutely cannot believe that corporate is not responding to customer feedback in an appropriate and timely way. I have been thinking about canceling my membership, even though I am an avid supporter of Sufferfest and DPF, and the lack of appropriate action on this issue may be the final straw. Change is hard, but inevitable. I personally do not like a lot of the moves Wahoo has made, but it goes both ways – we have stuck with the company through this time of transition and now it is time that they see this branding needs a change. I say that as someone who loves SUF and has been a loyal supporter (albeit not an active member of the forums) for over a decade.


I’m not really disagreeing with what you have written but do you have any statistics that back up the suggestion from this forum that those who want the name changed are the majority?

Or, to put it another way, what if the percentage of unhappy people was very small? Should a vocal minority force a change?

Hmmm. I got a couple things to say in response.

Granted the forum poll is far from scientific but only 2 votes were for keeping the name.

Also, just because there are a few vocal opponents doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the minority. And, even if they’re the minority, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

The arguments against the name are clear and the offence that some people take by the name is significant. The rationale that The Company provides is weak, at best, and there are compromises offered that wouldn’t require The Company to drop the name entirely from its lexicon. For example, if they insist on keeping the term, they could keep using it in their marketing stuff, instagram, FB, etc but change the name of The Tour.

The monthly challenges are called Wahoo X Monthly challenges. Why not The Tour of Wahoo X?


I agree and would add that even if you are alienating only 10% of your customers what are you gaining? Persisting with this name just doesn’t make sense.




I guess in my upbringing and experience in the US, hooligan wasn’t as strongly negative as in other circles. It was more like mischief-maker, prankster, or showoff, often applied to kids. Any suggestions for an alternative?

There’s no need to invent a collective term for a company’s product users. There’s no Stravandals, Zwiftarians, Fulgazealots, Colnagonads, or Fujihadists.

Just call it Wahoo, Wahoo X, SYSTM, SUF, whatever, no need to create a collective term.


Har! Those are some awesome names. Of course the term Zwifters is commonly in use…so maybe by extension Wahooters?


I’m on board for this, with full kit available to purchase!


Wahooters is good.

Further alternatives without the right wing thug connotation…



Wahoojamptons (bonus points if you get this very obscure reference)


Wahoodles (of noodles)


While we’re here in pun-land, the company’s clothing line should of course be called Wahoodies.