How hard should it be

I’ve done a few sessions on my current FF results, however finding some sessions not easy but very manageable,

For example i did GOAT just now and was not until 2/3 into the session did i feel it a little on my legs.

Should i be sweating buckets at the end of the session, i felt i was giving say 70% of my effort when it says i should be at threshold, so do i change my settings to 2% or more or is it supposed to be like that?

Or maybe im super fit which i doubt very much.

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does GOAT focus on your strengths or weaknesses?

I am 99% inexactly the same situation. I came out as a sprinter with very poor FTP, but 1000+ NM.

GOAT today was surprisingly easy at 100%, heart rate never got over 66% of max.

I usually find the endurance rides easy, but by the end my legs are tired, but nothing that would stop me from carrying on for another hour if I had to. For now I am trusting the plan and sticking to the science, but I do wonder if I should be doing more.

For the original poster, have you looked at your fitness/form chart (in training peaks or strava) if you have it available. I’m VERY unfit at the moment, so according to my chart I have a lot of fatigue, am building fitness, and form is well down due to fatigue. But they are all heading in the right direction.

That sound exactly the same as me sprinter 997nm 356AC 227MAP FTP179(Down from 210) last years test.
Yeah i could go for another session easily my HR never reached anywhere i thought it should be

I think my nm was 1046 and ftp was 154. So we are similar. At 115kg, going up hills is awful. I was disappointed with my ftp result but I gave it everything I could in ff, I just couldnt sustain it but did complete without stopping and had to hang my head over a bucket for a few minutes.

I’d stick with the plan and trust the science. I have a mid plan half monty on February 7th, and looking at the charts my fatigue is lessening and my fitness is improving so hopefully I will see a big jump in the ramp test and the plan will adjust to the new numbers.

Fitness is a marathon not a sprint i guess. No pun intended.

I’d rather be a workhorse that goes all day long than a sprinter, so hoping to adjust my type over the next year or so.


GOAT is a pretty easy workout (just look at the IF number - it’s something like 0.8-0.85 isn’t it? If you want to see a hard session try HHNF, AVDP, nine hammers, ISLAGIATT etc. Anything with an IF well over 0.9 will be challenging of your numbers are accurate.

You’re the opposite of me, you have a better sprint… I’m only about 850W, but I weigh 54kgs and my FTP is 265, I love hills :rofl:

I’m just going to follow the plan and see where it takes me. Plenty of time to kill myself in the future on the harder rides. My NM numbers are actually really low - I doubt I could squat 200lb for a single rep, but used to do 375lb for 3 sets of 10-12 when I weighed about 87kg. (BEAST MODE on). This was before power meters were common, but I’d hate to think what my numbers would have been if I could have had one.

Ahh, the memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime.

My goal is to get back to being able to ride up and down hills for 8 hours at a time, probably grand fondo style.

Either way, hold on to the plan, trust the science and see where I am in a years time. About all I know is that it won’t be at 54kg :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you, 8 hours is a pretty long time in the saddle! I’m pretty sure you could squat more than weedy ol’ me :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Let’s be clear here, if I was able to match your FTP watts per KG I’d be obliterating world records. I’d rather be 30kg lighter and pushing 300w FTP than where I am today :grin:

I’d like to second what Ross said - GOAT is a rather easy workout (as much as Suff workouts can be easy).

If, however, you feel underwhelmed after finishing Nine Hammers or The Shovel at 100%, that would indicate your numbers are indeed too low.

Ahh, the memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime.

Ah, yes, I can relate… the older I get, the faster I used to be :slight_smile:

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