How to integrate Stryd training with Sufferfest

I’m 64 years old, new to Sufferfest changing over from Zwift and looking forward to Suffering with great training plans balanced with recovery, yoga and strength. It’s what I’ve been looking for. I am also a long time runner just starting with Stryd. I really like Stryd’s power based training program. I would love to see Sufferfest partner with Stryd to integrate their great training plans.
Im retired and can devote up to 2 or 3 hrs a day to training. I like Sufferfest intermediate road plan with strength and yoga. I don’t think I need a custom plan. Sufferfest should give me the option to add running to my plan. Choosing a triathlon plan doesn’t fit because I’m not a swimmer. Maybe I have to print plan on paper because I can’t make running changes to my Sufferfest plan.

This was my first 4DP. I was rather disappointed. Plenty of room for improvement. :grinning::biking_man:‍♂

FTP 168. 20 min.
MAP 205. 5 min
AC 298. 1 min
NM 659. 5 sec

Happy Holidays

Thanks for your support

Suffer On :biking_man:‍♂

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Jim, Welcome to the community and congrats on completing your first FF. No need for any disappointment as this was your first test, therefore no comparison. Just like a power meter, always compare like to like.

In regards to Stryd, I recommend you complete a 3 and 9 minute test along with a 5 km to see if there is any difference in the results/zones. When performing testing always be sure to follow the same protocol each time with the same equipment and lead in when possible. For the bike, use the same trainer and for the run, use the same course. Either a running track or a treadmill at 1% gradient if this is where you will be completing your running workouts. You can complete the runs within the SUF triathlon training plan using your Stryd zones. Be sure to keep your recovery weeks exactly just that, much lower intensity and decrease in volume. Sticking with a 2 weeks on, 1 week of recovery would be the best place to start.

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I’ve often wondered about whether it’s worth doing a Full Frontal in running? Outside of course but the timings would be fairly easy to mimic.

Yet to do it, mind :rofl:

I did it. it’s zero fun

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I’ve just got a stryd as well, I really love the app. even the limited version they have for android. its very slick. I’m in the calibration phase at the moment, at least I was til I stacked it this morning out running and my ankle went 90° :woman_facepalming:t3:

Thank you for the advice. I am still waiting for USPS to deliver the Stryd foot pod. When I get it I look forward to following your advice and working it into my fitness plan. I do appreciate the way the Trainer Road calendar allows me to add outside fitness workouts like Yoga and Body Weight stuff from Down Dog and Sworkit.