How to undo ‘Workout Done’ box?

I’m using iOS. In the calendar of the training plan, there are a couple times now, when I’ve accidentally (fat fingered) clicked the ‘Workout Done’ button. I can’t figure out how to undo this so I can still complete the workout as shown?


@lchutny So you opened the workout but didn’t start it and accidentally checked workout done? I have done that - it can’t be reversed unfortunately but what you can do is go to the videos tab and start the workout from there. You will have two entries in the calendar - one which you can just ignore.

However, if instead you started the workout and then hit complete, you may be able to delete the workout and if it is part of your plan it will revert to incomplete status.

Hope that helps! I think they are working on a new calendar to fix some of these issues but it is part of a new platform so it may be a while.

No, didn’t even open the workout. Just accidentally hit the checkbox to ‘Mark as done’ within the calendar view.

Clicking on the checkmark to ‘undo’ it does nothing. How do I had this as a feature request?

(I know I can open the video from the videos list to do it, but when it is marked done, I can’t see coach notes or adjustments to intensity)

No need for a feature request on this. We are working on many calendar improvements and more options like this are being worked on now.


Thanks Sir @Cody.Moore !

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