SUF Calendar

I like the current SUF calendar in which the workout date can be changed now.

There is one thing which I hope can be improved.

The “change workout date” tab and the “Mark as done” tab are together in the calendar. I have fat fingers so whenever I tried to press “change workout date”, the “mark as done” tab was triggered instead.

Once the “mark as done” tab is pressed, there is no way to undone the workout. Perhaps an option to undo the workout can be added.


Just ran into this myself. I absentmindedly marked the workout done, and now I can’t undo it. Now I’ll go to the workouts page and load the workout there, but that’s going to show the workout completed twice today, which is obviously false.

@pbnut If you didn’t start the workout but accidentally marked it as done you can still delete it in the Passport and then you should be able to start it again.

I did this not too long ago. The main reason why this should be changed immediately, with respect… :smiley: I kind of goes against the spirit of suffering. :thinking: I suppose if I mark things as done and don’t do them, then I am only a Couchlandrian masquerading as Sufferlandrian… But I did delete it off my passport.

I digress… I would like this feature very much. As well as the ability to add individual workouts to my in app calendar so I can create my own plan.

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@FireDog3105 I find being able to mark a workout as done is useful in the event I replaced it with an outside workout or swapped in another SUF session that day for whatever reason. Also sometimes I just mark a workout done because I want it out of sight - eg. day or week went sideways and I made a decision to skip the workout and not reschedule it.

A good example is the inspiration videos. I have seen almost all of them so I often will try to swap in one that I haven’t seen or go with one of the open or cadence videos and thus mark the originally scheduled workout as done (by substitution). You can easily sort in the app by duration, etc. and find the match that works.

However, some I might leave unmarked. For example, I missed getting Violator in a few weeks ago. I had not done that one in a while and felt I should do it at a time when it fit in properly so I just left it unchecked and then as I came towards the end of my plan I pushed a few things forward and found a good space for it where I can really dial in without affecting any upcoming workouts.

When I first starting doing SUF I tried to get to every workout. However, I found that there is definitely line between suffering and putting myself in a hole that could set me back. Marking it as done doesn’t upload anything to Strava or TrainingPeaks so I don’t see any false data on those apps that could modify stress scores, training hours, etc.