Delete Workout Plan?

Hello all -

I’d like to delete a training plan from the calendar and begin a new one, but don’t see this option. Instead, I now have two plans on the calendar, which is not ideal. Is it possible to delete a plan that’s in progress?


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@CRG Select “list view” in calendar and click on view summary. There is an option to delete the plan.


Excellent, thanks!

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Curiously for the second thing today I have a different layout to you.

In my Windows version in list view there is no ‘view summary’ to click but instead I have the summary as a permanent display o the right hand side (along with associated Delete Plan options).

I’m putting this here really in case someone has the same layout as me and is lost.

@leebo Ah - yes I should have mentioned I was on iOS. However, looks like the Delete Plan option is there on your screen so problem solved I guess.

Thats much better than having to delete one workout at a time which lasted longer than the Directors Cut of Titanic