HR exceeds training targets

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I got a question regarding HR to power targets correlation, maybe you can help me out with it.

I have done full frontal in mid August, altough I did pace it rather well, I’m sure I could do 5-10% better due to lack of breakfast, poor sleep and no full frontal prep plan. I just did it to see how it looks like.

Over next 2 months I was only riding outside for pleasure, rides like Gran Fondo etc.

At the begining of October I have done half monty and my results were almost 23% better for FTP and about 11% for MAP. That was quite huge tbh, not something I would expect.

Anyway, I have started all purpose road training plan (advanced) with strenght (intermidiate), I’m done with first week. I have done Who Dares and Extra Shot today and in order to stay within HR zone during Extra Shot I had to reduce intensity manualy to 95%.

I haven’t done strenght training in the past 5 months so my question is whether added strenght training has lowered my numbers a little or is my current FTP numbers set in app a little to high? I must admit two things:

  1. I am a little sore after strenght training,
  2. when pacing subtreshold effort in half monty, I did go over set HR for maybe 30 sec in total during that 20 min test.

Should I continue current plan and observe HR/power correlation or would you do some changes immediately?

Really interested in your opinion :slight_smile:


Hey, that sounds like a significant jump in your FTP, what was your training like before the Full Frontal in August? This could lead to a couple of things:

  1. If you have gone from no training it is possible your body can see a bigger increase in FTP as your body is used to training more regularly after a couple of months.
  2. If you have gone from little to no training, please consider if an advanced plan is the right option as we don’t want you pushing too hard without a solid base level of training.

If you are sore after the strength that is a good sign that it is working though. And as you mentioned going above the LTHR zone for a little bit in the HM, this can affect your HR zones.

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Hi Coach Rupert!

This year I’m coming back from back injury and over April, May, June and July I was only running 4-5h a week (I was away - no bike at that time) and I was ONLY doing low effort runs (I would guesstimate 90% of which was in zone 2 - no intervals at all).

I am rather okay with demands of advanced plan as I have lots of time for recovery and I am supersensitive when it comes to overtraining so will monitor myself closely to see if I’m not overreaching.

I am also very okay with pushing myself to the limits (except for the early parts of this year when I couldnt train as hard as I’m used to). Thats why I was wondering if I overdid half monthy by exceeding those HR zones (just by a little bit for short time) and if I should keep lowering that intensity manualy if I’m over it by two or three beats (my LHTR is 186, same in FF and in HM, peak HR was 201 in FF and 199 in HM, I’m 35 years old)?

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That number does seem high but if it was consitent on both tick to it.
You should hit your max heart rate during the ramp. If you don’t you are either fatigued, or the ramp jumps were too great, so you reach muscular failure before hitting your max cardiovascular strain. The same goes for using too low of a cadence, especially in the final stages. If you grind out the final 2-3 stages at a really low rpm you are less likely to hit your max heart rate.