Training Level Question following Half Monty

I have been doing Sufferfest since 2013. and have a really good idea on my RPE.

This summer was tough and my fitness level suffered a bit. I did a half monty and my FTP reduced. This was expected. So I started the 12 week training plan expecting that even at the new FTP level the workouts would be challenging. I am finding that they are a bit easier than I expected. My HR is always below the apps target range and I rate my workouts 5/10.

Considering that my fitness level went down, and my FTP went down, should the workouts, even at this reduced level still be difficult and where should my HR be?

My plan is to just do this FTP unitl the next half monty, but I would prefer to more swiftly increase my fitness. Any thoughts on how to train after a break when FTP reduces?

There’s been a lot of discussion on what to do and even a Knowledge Podcast on “What do I do if I haven’t been training for a while due to ‘X’”. The bottom line is that each situation is individual, even if you’ve been sick/injured before. I recommend a consult with a coach to see if this can be addressed.

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Thanks James

I looked for articles/reading.

I guess my question is about how the system is projecting HR zones based on my Half-Monty. Specifically, my HR is not hitting the zones the app is recommending.

So, should I retake Half-monty, or just keep going at this effort?

I would love an article. I am old and prefer to read something in 8-10 minutes than listen to a podcast.

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Most of the podcasts have a transcript you can read, although they are automatically transcribed and contain some weird errors.

Something that I found is that my HR varies across an an interesting level. Lately, Z1 and 2 are running higher but Zones 4 and 5 lower than expected. This may be due to the medications I’m on OR the fact that my cTHR is wrong and is too low (it went from 147 to 143). I’ll set it back and see if things improve over time.

I find I get the most reliable test results by doing the 7 day test plan that includes the HM on day three and a FF on day 7. This gives a good consistent lead in to the FF and the HM generates suggested targets for the FF making it much easier to pace. I try to just beat the suggested targets and it’s killer. It’s a nice solid week of workouts too.

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I didn’t see this plan. Great idea. Maybe I do it when I complete this current plan!

Click on Calendar and then +Plan in the upper right
Click on Cycling
Click on Fitness Test Prep
Click on Half Monty + Full Frontal
Add Yoga or Mental Strength as you desire
Schedule your training!

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I’m in sort of the same situation, last night did “The Chores” workout and now finding it easier to nail the cadence and power targets but struggling to get the HR up and couldn’t get it into what was meant to be Z4 and 5… I was going to redo a HM to see if there’s any significant difference to what I’m programmed to on the plan. Did a 4hr Z2 on Saturday meant to do another this Saturday after tomorrow’s “The Shovel”… But think I’ll just do a HM on Thursday and wedge that “Shovel” in somewhere else… Messes with your head, maybe as some folk have commented the Sufferfest stuff has just been made more user friendly and not designed to destroy you and demotivate you…???

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Not being able to raise your heart rate can be a sign of overtraining…

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@TTDragon You have a valid point. How much training have you done and how much rest?

I can raise my heart rate, it’s just not happening at the structured cadence/power levels of the plan I’m on hence the questions on current FTP that these work to? If anything I’m avoiding overtraining, some of the workouts are back to back days that don’t seem right( IE a 3hr z2 endurance then a 2hr tempo next day?)that I’ve rescheduled. Doing the HM tomorrow anyway, hopefully all remains similar at the end and I can get on with the plan lol

Did the HM this morning and was happy enough to see a 3w increase in FTP and 12w in MAP. So in my estimation from the previous 4DP it’s probably accurate enough for my needs although there could be error in there, but then again I’ve been doing intervals for the first time in my life in the last 2 weeks so maybe these small increases are from that. Either way though I can crack on…