HR zones in app vs website calculation

Guys, I am wondering about HR Zones online vs in the app.

  • In the app there are 5 with Zone 5 being “Greater than 100% of LTHR”. Ok.
  • On the website in the chart (see link below) there are also 5 (if I count 4a and 4b as one) but the last one is called “105% of LTHR to MAX of LTHR”

Now…that is obviously different. Anyone any idea how to understand the discrepancy?
On a different note: “Max of LTHR” doesn’t make any sense to me. Shouldn’t it simply be "MAX HR?

Heart Rate: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask – The Sufferfest

BR Peter

if i read this as 4b,5,anything over that are all Zone 5 in the app, then the correlation works, 4b is 100%+, so that’d make sense ?

Wouldn’t really answer the question why in the one graph there is a distinctive zone for VO2MAX (above 105% LTHR) and why in the app there isn’t, wouldn’t it?

Apologies. Was just a suggestion about how the things kind of correlated.

Only @David.McQuillen.KoS and team will know why 4b/5/6 are all merged together in the app.

Sir James suggested it’s kind of like anything above 100% is suffer zone here, which is how i think about it.
(HR Zones displayed on the App)

And of course we can do whatever analysis we want offline if we want to, especially if HR is the primary or preferred measurement instead of power.