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My Garmin Heart Monitor has finally packed in after 4 or 5 years. If interested, it looks like the seal has failed and my Holy Water has been seeping inside the unit. Not only doesn’t it work, it would appear that each of the mini screw threads has disintegrated under the onslaught of said Holy Water.

Anyway, any thoughts on Wahoo Tickr versus the Garmin Dual? DC Rainmaker seems to prefer the former, but my hesitation is because all my peripherals are Garmin based (except my Kickr, but that’s not really relevant).

I find the Wahoo last longer. Any Garmin HR I have used dies within a year (not the battery, the unit dies). I used to work in the outdoor retail industry and saw far more Garmins come back dead then Wahoo’s.

since I changed over to Wahoo Tickr with my Garmin less connection issues

Hello Sir Tugs! The Wahoo Tickr will connect very reliably using ANT+ or Bluetooth. The Garmin duals connect easily and reliably using ANT+. Bluetooth works for some users and for others the heart rate monitor shows as connected but may not transmit data.

My last brand of HRM was Suunto… I have replaced it with a Polar H10 which has been so incredibly reliable that it makes me sad at how long I suffered with a Suunto!

The Polar H10 just connects to anything, first time, every time - and I no longer have fake heart attacks (read: dropouts or spikes) during workouts.


If you are on a budget and have a Decathlon available: their dual HRM has been working flawlessly for me for about two years now. I mostly use it indoor but recently my Garmin died so it got promoted to allround use.

Thanks all for the comments. I’ve gone for the Tickr X, which has arrived today.

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I’d put in a vote for the Polar HR10. More comfortable than the offerings from Garmin and Wahoo, and I’ve sweat through and corroded through a Wahoo strap on short order (yes, with regular rinsing of the strap in clean water).

But it’s too late for that. Good luck with the Tickr X.