My TICKRX while I am riding shows up sometimes on my ELEMNT and then drops. When it comes back it is showing my heart rate at around 60…no chance. I have tried re connecting it via the app. Tried also connecting it from ELEMNT and the problem continues. My old garmin was flawless. I have sent an email to support last week and have not heard back from them. Seems to take a long time.

I recommend Polar H10 HR strap or Garmin’s HR straps. Wahoo is not actually fixing their redesigned Tickr(x). They wanted to make it thinner but completely ruined it and it doesn’t work well. I went through two replacements. It never worked for me well enough to use.

Try asking support again. I had a duff TickrX, regularly showing 30-40 bpm too low. Support sent me a free, brand new replacement very quickly and the new unit works perfectly.

Make sure you have deleted your garmin HR unless you use it for other things . The connection may be getting confused