Huge Bump in Running Speed

I’ve had the weirdest psychological breakthrough.

After riding a Full Frontal last week, my running time has improved by a full minute per mile. It’s as if, after spending my summer enjoying long bike rides in nice weather, I needed a shock to my system. I needed to be reminded how Real Pagne tastes, and to once again get comfortable with being very uncomfortable.

Man, there’s nothing like good, old fashioned, Suffering.


GvA approves this !!!

I kind of see what you mean, after a lot of riding Z2 and other training I did some TT efforts on a known climb to check how fitness was comparing.

The first attempt was not a very good time, but it opened the suffering door.
After a couple of tries I managed to shave a little over a minute on a 10 minute climb.
Just by being more comfortable at being uncomfortable.


That wasn’t Real Pagne you tasted, but it’s good to feel that way…

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