Just completed my first Full Frontal test

I think I suffered properly: My mat has sweat stains; I coughed up a booger, which surprised me; And more than once I had to blow my nose into my towel just so I could continue breathing.

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed that my numbers went down–but I understand that those were only estimates from Half-Monty from earlier in the week, and where I am is where I am. I’m only going to get stronger and fitter from here.

Before last summer I hadn’t ridden a real bike in over 5 years. I dusted off an old mountain bike in July for rides along the lake with my partner, and bought a used road bike in September. Got myself a Kickr Snap in October, and it’s the most fun I’ve had working out indoors. I watched highlights from every stage of last year’s Tour de France and I’m enjoying learning about the sport.

Just wanted to share my little victory.


Congratulations! Don’t worry about numbers going down from Half Monty, FF is where it’s at. HM can over or under estimate things depending on a variety of things (but is still an excellent test).

It only gets better from here.


Nice one @thomaslee!

Sounds like you’ve set a good baseline for your training going forwards. It’s always nice to be using 4DP numbers from a Full Frontal test that went well.

I think it’s not unusual to see some variation between the HM test results and those from FF. If it’s just a few watts, then it’s pretty much within the accuracy of the measurements. If it’s more than that, then it can be that you had a good day when you did HM and a slightly less good day when doing FF, or that your rider type will perform better on HM than FF. Whatever the reason, you’re doing the right thing by using your new numbers from FF.

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yup, totally normal. FF is more comprehensive…and more painful.

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Way to go! I love it!! Awesome job on completing the 4DP Test. It sounds like you have a brilliant attitude and perspective on training. You will no doubt enjoy consistent success! Keep up the great work


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Thanks all for the encouraging words! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Congrats! You will soon learn that there are a glorious handful of workouts that require two towels: one for the sweat and the second for whatever else comes out. A standby bucket is also not a bad idea too… :dizzy_face:


+1 This is true.

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