I didn't get my badge!

I registered and completed all the events for the Wahooligan Tour in the allotted time, completing the final To Get To The Other Side ride on System and not RGT, but I did not receive my badge. Any idea who I contact for this to get it rectified?


Did you run the Tour Celebration video too?


Welcome to the forums @Skully89. As Sir Erik mentioned, you need to run the Tour Celebration vid (a brief 3 minute breathing exercise) to trigger the badge in the app. I think the reason for this is that RGT and SYSTM apps are not integrated enough yet to pull info into the awards and not everyone did Stage 7a in SYSTM. The Company didn’t do a great job in communicating that to everyone :man_shrugging:t3:

In any case Congrats on completing The Tour!

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@Skully89 Here is the link:

I had not because nothing registered on System when I clicked on it. I’ll try that. Thanks to everyone for your help.