First Timer Question

I have followed the link and registered. Is there anything else I need to do within SYSTM to make sure completed rides are applied towards the badge?

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You might want to save yourself some possible grief by downloading all the vids ahead of time. Otherwise, complete the rides within the time window, make sure they’re saved when you are done and the app should do the rest.

If you tap Progress, Awards, Tour of Suf, Details once you’ve completed a stage it should show a nice green circle or check mark or something.

I want to say that in the previous ToS that it was necessary to access the videos through the ‘Active Challenges’ on the Progress screen (not via the library or calendar) in order for it to count towards the badge.

When you open the challenge, it gives the list of stages and when the stage opens.

This will be my 7th Tour and I don’t recall that. Rest assured, if the video is completed and saved, it will show up in the progress details page as being completed whether you started it from the calendar, the library or from the details page stage listing.


It’s #5 for me. The only reason that I knew there was a link to the videos in the upcoming and active challenges under the progress tab is that one of the years (last year or 2020) riders were having an issue with the app correctly applying the stage to the challenge. The minions were scrambling to make sure that if it were accessed from the calendar or library it counted too. Hopefully that isn’t an issue this year.

Won’t be. No matter where you access the session from, once you complete it it’s recorded as done.


Another Question

Since you are able to access the tour rides by virtue of subscribing to the Wahoo SYSTM app without registering with DPF, how is the registration verified? Is it only for prize drawing eligibility? Only asking because I used a slightly different username when registering.


Yes. The two are separate. Your registration with DPF is to raise money and makes you eligible for prizes. Riding the Tour stages is for glory of our great nation (and for the badge in the app :slight_smile: )


Okay. Thanks for the information. I figured that was the case, but wanted to confirm.

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