Losing the Sufferfest name?

I’ve just had an advertising mail through from Wahoo and noticed that rather than trying to sell Sufferfest, they are naming it “wahoo SUF training”. Are we losing the name Sufferfest?



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I remember an interview between Cyclingtips and David McQuillen where he explained that the name Sufferfest was too intimidating to use in the group fitness sector (spin classes), so they renamed it SUF Cycling. Source

Maybe we will see something similar happening here?

I am pretty okay with it, actually.
Yes, most of us love The Sufferfest for exactly what it is. But let’s be honest, from the outside it seems intimidating and only attracts a very specific user group.

If a change in name or marketing would mean more people get to enjoy the videos, this would lead to more ressources for the SUF Team to bring us additional features and more glorious suffering - and at the end of the day, this is what it’s all about.

A small ecosystem war is brewing. I hope the team does everything to stay ahead.

Whatever the name is, I know the soul of suffering will survive.


I wouldn’t have thought much about it if it wasn’t for the recent announcement that was made where @David.McQuillen.KoS talked about all the big changes that were upcoming.

Just got to hope we don’t lose the laser goats, they might be intimidating, but in a good way.


I like the name the Sufferfest but I get it is intimidating

A good friend once told another friend after a race .We all hurt the same out there, just some people are going faster.

I think about it often when I’m suffering up a climb


This is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for sharing!


Personally, I think Sufferfest is a very well deserved name!

The people joining “Wahoo SUF Training” are going to be in for one hell of a surprise :smirk:.


Them poor souls. Suffer goddammit SUFFER!


I think it would be disappointing if they watered down the name just to attract new people. We’re not peloton or Les Mills - there is a whole story to go with the training that already raises it well above the norm and keeps the interest going when the doubts creep in.

How many times have we been halfway through video when there’s a stupid comment about Marmots or cheese or doughnut sellers that reenergises you??? (maybe that’s just me…). The name is an important part of that story…


You haven’t just ridden Getting Away With It have you? I rode it last night and all those are mentioned, along with the griffon vultures and the Pyrenees bears.

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Hear hear


Hahahaha, that was about 3 weeks ago - but it is a favourite!


The schtick of Sufferfest is what makes me love it so much. It’s badass… With the only requirement being “as long as you suffer”.

Personally I remember the big blaring horns at the start of some of the vids, I’d get a little chill up my spine in anticipation of what was to come.

I love my SUF T-shirt and love when people ask me what it is. (I wish I had more!).

Brand it cuddlefest or whatever to draw in the newbies, but once inside the door, unleash the fury! :slight_smile:


If it is going to change, I’ll definitely be buying some kit before the name goes. Currently waiting for the cheap UK shipping to come in before buying.

And make sure it is the fury they unleash, if anyone misreads the memo and unleashes the furry, who knows what will happen. Bet they would end up making a workout out of it though.


Dutch to English:

  1. suf:
    [tedious]; [boring]; [dreary]; [dull]; [deadening]; [muzzy]; [soporific]; [drowsy]; [staggered]; [dozy]; [dopey]; [stupefied]; [sleepy]; [mindless]; [fuzzy]; [stupid]; [dumb]; [foolish]; [senseless]; [not sensible]; [fusty]

Looks like the shop has gone:


Gives a 404 now.

Interesting. The one big benefit I find to Sufferfest over other trainer programs is the forced recovery sections. I have problems backing off and allowing the body to recover between efforts outdoor and with other programs. At times when I need an easy day, I simply dial back the intensity level on getting away with it, the way out or get to the other side.


My wife always thought Rubber Glove and Violator in particular were disturbing names. I do miss the Rubber Glove video. Who doesn’t love omelets?


What did you have to do in rubber glove?

It was the FTP test prior to Full Frontal.

Rubber Glove