Ice bath

Even though I am fairly new (8months), I have heard it is beneficial to do a ice bath for recovery. When would be the desired time to do an ice bath? After riding the trainer? Or only on intense days?
What about how long to sit in it (as if I could stay in it very long lol)?


I use them, and feel like I benefit after intense legwork (mainly lifting, but now SUFF/SYSTM too), but research is decidedly mixed…


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One time I did half marathons on back-to-back days and I did a cold bath (no ice, so probably 60-65 degrees) when I got home about 2 hours after the first race. I felt really good for my second race the next day. But really that’s just one anecdotal account and the only time I’ve done it, so who knows if it really worked or if I just did plenty of training.


Actually, the consensus is against baths with ICE in them. However, sitting in water at 0-2C, does have its benefits. I haven’t tried them, but I done Epsom Salt baths after my fall and it definitely helped with muscle soreness.