Chores - Extended Rest in Recovery sections?

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I’ve just started an all round cycling plan after 10 weeks off due to a pretty bad crash. I did the week FF prep then test OK and have moved into a Medium Hours All Round Plan.

It’s quite an increase in hours from 2 or 3 a week to 8-10 and It’s pretty hot here in Australia at the moment but I want to try to make sure I complete the sessions with as much positive effect as possible.

In the first real session (Chores), I found I had to have a few more minutes of recovery between the sets, as I was overheating and feeling a bit fried.

It did allow me to complete all the sets (3) at the prescribed effort but I wanted to make sure this extended rest in between (which is a L1) would be OK.

Is there any general rule in these types of workouts, the ones with blocks of Vo2 / FTP with very low power recovery in between, like Chores, Attacker, The Bat etc.



You’ve identified that this is an overheating issue, not a power issue. The rest between sets in the chores is long already I can’t see it hurting if you extend it in order to cool down enough to complete the next set. The benefits of the workout are from completing the intervals at the stated power, if you have the time to extend the rest intervals go for it.

Is there anything you can do to keep your temp down, more fans, AC, iced water to drink?

I can’t imagine riding indoors during the Australian summer, I live in the north of Scotland and struggle indoors above 15c, though humidity here is usually 85-100% in Summer so it feels hotter


Great thanks for sharing that chart! Really useful.

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Thanks, I’m hoping it’s going to cool down soon, but yeah cold drinks are all I can really do at the moment.
Cheers for the reply.