I'm Completely Hooked!

I turned 60 in August. My son is a triathlete and he recommended Sufferfest. I had never heard of it… I got a free week trial and a week later I signed up for the year. I can’t get enough suffering. Where can I order some lactic acid gummies?

My goal is to win the Ohio State Championship in the Flying 200 m at the Cleveland Velodrome in 2021 (in my age group). I estimate I’ll need to go mid-13. Where can I order a Sufferlandria Jersey to wear?



The Sufferfest store is closed at the moment. There are a couple of threads on the forum with some discussion, but no solid dates as far as I can see.

Best of luck in your training and the State Championships! That’s an awesome goal to have.

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…and BOOM! You can never leave :slight_smile:

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