I'm not sure I'm suffering enough

I did my 4DP test a week ago and I’ve been training with SUF’s training plan

My 4DP test result must be applied to training plans but I dont think I am having hard time at all

I feel like I am doing 5 recovery sessions a week

It is my second week of my “All purpose road - novice”

I chose novice option because it’s been only 2 months since I bought my bike

Should I start a new plan with elevated difficulty or should I stick with the plan?

Welcome to the forum Visual Sun,
You can make sure your FF values have been applied to your workouts. Open app, click on the A in the top right hand corner, click on workout profiles, and see which numbers have been applied.
We joke about coming away from workouts more dead than alive, and while some workouts seem to be designed that way, the training plan is really to make you a stronger better rider.A plan will build in volume and intensity, then allow recovery, which is when your big adaptations happen, so be patient, there is no need to seek pain and suffering, it will come


Guess I should proceed with this plan.

One more question.

When should I begin plan as intermediate?

I know after my novice plan is done I will have improved 4DP data and that makes my next novice plan harder than before

but when should I take my step ahead from novice to intermediate?

I am really eager to feel that pain on my legs

If you are complaining that it’s too easy, switch to intermediate. You can always revert back to novice if it’s too intense. But staying on novice if you can handle more volume seems counterproductive.

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Based on this

I‘d argue it’s not a matter of volume but maybe indeed too low numbers.
If you bought your bike 2 months ago you probably don’t know how a 5 min all out effort let alone a 20min all out effort right along should feel. I‘d argue your brain even cannot process yet that everything is fine and you can keep digging. There is a nice „innovation endurance“ podcast episode about this topic

Long story short: this doesn’t have to be case, but I would double check with half Monty or any other ramp test if you’re at least in the ballpark for at least your ftp number
It’s just one workout (a ramp test + some 45-90minutes endurance afterwards is a solid one) and you can sleep well again :wink:

Edit: and make sure to hit a new maxHR on that ramp test. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for your advice, sir

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Just had a look at the Novice all road, it definitely eases you into things, which is not a bad thing if you are ‘off the couch’. It looks to be about 2/3rds the volume of the advanced plan.

It looks like it eases you into it for the first 4 week block, intensity ramps up about week 5, with a ramp test in week 7. Where are you in the plan?

How hard did you find the 4DP test? Did it feel like you gave it everything or was it relatively easy for you? If the latter then I would think about giving it another shot or take the Half Monty ramp test to check your numbers before continuing.

But if you found the 4DP test brutally hard and you were happy with your performance then I would give it a few more weeks on the plan. If it continues to feel way too easy then something is not quite right.

Another way to check your numbers is to try a workout like 9-Hammers. If you are not intensely suffering halfway through then your numbers are way too low or something is wrong with your trainer calibration!

I recommend redoing FF. However, before you do, read the blog post by Sir Neal or Sir Mac before hand. Many people hold back on the tests and find themselves not being challenged.

Thanks everyone. I just finished my workout today and it nearly cooked my legs. I trust this plan now.

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Good to hear.

As an aside - I know the culture here is one of suffering, however an equally important component is recovery - the plans will have easy rides built in so you can continue progressing aerobic gains while your body has a chance to recover and adapt to the hard sessions.

It might feel like slacking off but it’s really important to take recovery (thats a rest week every 2-3 weeks in suf plans) to allow you to come back stronger for the tough sessions.

I should learn importance of recovery. Thank you Jim

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