Training Plans - Decisons, decisions

I am new to the Sufferfest and have just completed the 4DP test and want to start a training plan. I haven’t been on my bike properly for several years and I am holding some extra weight that I want to get rid of. I am also trying to improve my overall fitness.

What plan or suggestions do you have to assist in my decision? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Ride whatever workouts looks fun (type 2) the next few days, wait till the 28th, and then have a look at what choices the new app will have to offer. Expect there may be both new plans and new workouts in the new app, thus no point in making a decision now :slight_smile: :+1:



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@PickleJar Welcome to the forum! So your goal is more fitness and overall weight management. Do you have experience on the bike prior to SUF? Will you plan to ride road, MTB or gravel or just general riding?

Assuming you are just coming to the platform for the fitness and weight management you can probably start with the All Purpose Road plan. Pick a level that has the volume that you think that you can manage - probably beginner to start and then you can add more volume if needed. Add in some strength and yoga. Also check out the mental toughness program as it includes a section on goal planning:

Mental Toughness Workbook

SUF also has a nutrition guide that you might want to check out:

Eating to Suffer

There are also threads discussing diet throughout the forum that may have info that you may find helpful and you can search the forum to locate those threads.

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply JSampson, I have prior experience on the bike with my last big ride being 300kms over 2 days. Unfortunately work and kids slowed me down somewhat and I have put on extra weight that I don’t want. My plan is to get back on the road at some point so working on the fitness side of things will make that transition easier.

I will wait for the 28th when the new app launches and see what options there are from there but the all rounder or kickstart were 2 of the options I looked at.

I have done quite a bit of work on the mental side of my life this year so adding more tricks to that is most welcome.

Diet wise I am on a shake program that has already helped lose 2kgs so adding in the exercise I can start to build on that, but I will check out the diet threads for inspiration.

Thanks again for the support.