I'm really lucky but I struggle to pick the right training plan!

He there and a happy new year to everyone,

a good friend of mine and I ride quite often together and we got the the idea in December to start our own riding/racing group and somehow this idea took a dynamic of itself. You see, while I ride about 2/3.000km per year, it’s mostly casual with some MTB Enduro races for fun (not last year of course, Covid thank you), buy my buddy is a avid Roady/CC/Enduro racer who’s really fit, he’s the Cross Country state champion after he had won most of the CC races he participated in last year.

Well, he did most of the recuiting for the riding group and alas… almost everyone is a steely eyed, iron clad, superslim athletic amateur racer and smack in the middle of everyone, the somewhat chubby one, that’s me. I mean, it’s great, strong riding buddies equals even stronger gains for me, at least in my experience. But right now, I would not even be able to hang on for a full regular group ride, i suppose.

Our season starts in April depending on the weather, that gives me three month to be able to somehow hang on this cannonball of group rides we’re going to have (let alone the trainings sessions). Currently my FTP is somewhere about 135-145, I’m able to run 10km in littlebit below an hour and my endurance is pretty ok, I’m 38, 1,73cm tall and my weight is currently 75kg. I would love a training plan which includes indoor bike rides, regular fitness workouts, yoga and if possible one with some running. I have time for about 5-10hours per week. I would like to include the strengh training, as it’s really helpful for Enduro riding to have better upper body strengh.

My goals are, to participate in some races (CC, Enduro and Road) and be able to actually be able to ride with our new racing group.

edit: Is it fine to start with a ramp test, or should a aim to start with a full 4DP test?

I would do the Full Frontal prep plan, and then do the FF to get your best starting numbers.

Given what you say about your fellow riders, I would definitely suggest you incorporate the Mental Toughness program into your training, especially the Positive Thinking and Strong Focus modules.

As for the specific plan, look at your strengths and weaknesses from the FF test, and ask yourself what kind of rider do you want to be, not what kind of rider your friends are. Focusing on your weaknesses is great, but you have to know what it is that motivates you (your personal Mount Sufferlandria) on the bicycle.

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Hi there. Sounds like you dipped your toes in the water and are now ready to dive in.

I would think the All-Purpose road plan is a great way to go. It covers technique + it is comprehensive in that it maintains your strengths but also gets you to work on your weaknesses. You could throw in Yoga and Strength for good measure.

My personal experience is that it doesn’t help me shed much weight (I’m a little on the “chunky” side too) but it makes me tougher and stronger. For me, the weight usually comes off when the weather improves and I start logging long rides outdoors. If you can become more tenacious, then you can hang onto a fast group, even if you’re in a little over your head.

You’ll still benefit from the specialized plans but to me, these are most useful when you have very specific objectives. For overall improvement, stick with the All-Purpose Road Plan.

Good luck with your new venture


Hi, thanks for the feedback. I‘ve decided to go with the all purpose road plan for now as it, easy to fit in strength and yoga. I‘m just going to supplement it with an easy weekly run and see how it feels.

I also did the Full Frontal today, as are I was quite rested. It was way harder then the last time, I really did loose some fitness in the last month of rainy winter. The last 1min effort completely wrecked me and I was puking out of the window a few moments afterwards. I kinda fear the next one now :sweat_smile:

like your decision.
The FF is a finicky one… if you still have something left in the final minute then you worry that you didn’t go hard enough earlier and if you don’t have anything then it’s the opposite. Obviously, what you had left is sitting in the bottom of a bucket :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Surely, there are minions in your household eagerly standing by to clean up after you and get you ready for your next session (sorry, I was dreaming there for a second).

Anyway, good luck with your plan