Improving on IRL group rides


Yesterday I did a 100km group ride at 33km/h avg. It was the first time I did such a ride. On my own I would average around 30km/h over this distance.

I have been two weeks off the bike and had a bikefit in the meantime with significant changes. Last week I also got my covid booster.

The group ride was a disaster. My avg HR was 170 which is my highest ever over 100km (my max HR is 185) and I had cramps. I hope getting used to the new position on the bike is a part of the explanation.

Does anybody have experience with higher heart rates after a covid booster?

As many of you probably know, you get a lot of power spikes in group rides after turns, roundabouts. What would be a good indoor workout to train these like 10s power spikes?

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I believe most of us lost fitness after covid.
In my case, I am a MTBer, I normally do IRL on Sundays averaging 70km +1000m elevation gain with average HR around 135bpm or so. Just after getting covid, I had like 3 or 4 outdoor rides where I barely could do 40km and average 160bpm. Plus some cramp amd muscular pain, especially in my calfs.
Eventually, I started feeling better and all cameback to normal.

Maybe “Half is Easy” can help you out with that? Or any of the Prorides which have a lot of sudden changes in power… Let’s see what coahes say!


Hey - many people have ‘some’ reaction to vaccines of any sort - even though many vaccines aren’t ‘live’ (just copies of the virus with a bit removed), sometimes people’s bodies do react. On that score - everyone’s different and a long list of ‘it didn’t affect me’ and ‘it did affect me’ probably won’t help you as it’s individual - but i can tell you in some peoples cases it includes a higher heart rate as the body 'fight’s. So that may have had an impact on you/have an impact, temporarily.

By the way - over 19mph on your own - nice work !!! Incomprehensible in my small world, but again everyone’s different (n my case I’m envious lol)

As Richard suggests - workouts like Half is Easy / The Shovel even . in fact anything with repeated short intervals (check out the workout filter and filter on AC/MAP and look for the interval’y ones) might provide a useful boost to that, depending on what plan you’re already on of course.

Personally, Rochards other suggestion re prorides is what i do - there’re a few that mimic that kind of ride - personal favourites being Team Scream and Norway

Last option - don’t ride with people that boost out of every single flipping corner/roundabout lol (*I know I know, that’s what the ride is probably all about)




Thank you for the tips, I will start with Half is easy. The shovel seems like a lot of fun :sweat_smile: .

I absolutely love the shovel! One of my favorite workouts.
Especially when The Green Duck - Blow It Away is being played. Always brings a smile to my face.


I’ve had 5 Covid shots so far. I felt pretty ill starting ~18 hrs after shots 2-5 and for about another 12 hr after that. There were no effects on how I felt or performed past 48 hrs after the shots. These were all mRNA, both Moderna and Pfizer, which are synthetic molecules that produce the Covid spike protein in your body. No Covid viruses are involved. The illness felt after a booster is due to the immune response to these proteins and different people react and feel the effects differently. I feel pretty ill for ~12 hrs, but weirdly, my wife says it makes her feel really good for a couple of days.